Hadrian found….

My background in roman history means that I know enough about all things roman to be dangerous. Hadrian was an intetest to me when I was little more than a teen in college….I have his memoires….on my bookshelf. I have looked at pictures of Hadrian palace and simply felt that I have been there. He was a true artist and intellectual and of course his architectural legacy speaks for itself.

Two days ago someone I have known since childhood posted a series of photographs commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the passing of her husband. When you know death does not exist it hard to watch people eat themselves up inside out of fear that this person that they live is forever gone, never to be held and lived again.  I am no stranger to death but even knowing the truth does not stop me from becoming sad and depressed longing for those I miss.

Two days ago I made a direct request from the arc to help Michelle validate that Scotty is fine. The arc is a machine, a tool ….it’s not indian soormthsaying and snake oil.  Today the machine validated Hadrian….it’s simply did the comparisons. This is also a first for those conducting the experiment…that a demand was made if Jupiter to contact Scotty and a response was given in 48 hours.