How Things Take Shape…

Every watched someone use clay on a pottery wheel……it’s really a combinations of events. Human imagination…..motion and speed of a pottery wheel….clay that has been gently kneeded….and your intuition on how to use pressure from your finger tips….and don’t suddenly it takes shape.

Life is really no different when you press yourself against the forces and figure it what it takes for you to become that perfect shape. The only problem is that doing so does not guarantee success the first time and trying again can lead to failure unless you are willing to take that chance to feel the pain of rejection to rise again.

Israel loves to study humans….they love to shove that glass Cieling in their faces to see if they can feel the external pressure rising. They conduct studies where they subject random humans to failure to see how many times you can push a human down and crush their dreams until they weather and die. They do this so they can deal with their enemies…but unfortunately the pleasure derived from this has turned this into a game against humans on a global scale.

They were talking about me tonight that I rose against the odds and I over turned those who pushed me down. That during this period of subjection I learned to Polish my skills and project myself more clearly than ever . I learned the power of the word and I learned how to use media to my advantage like a good Jew. 

Do you realize what happened here one voice said to the other?….we pushed her around and belittled her but the very opposite happened. Then they realized that 3000 years ago they did the very same thing and I rose to power then as Mary Magdalena.  So he said…..belittling people yeids the very opposite result….which really does not surprise me because life is all about cause and effect….Einstein equation comes to mind…..that energy is not a receding phenomena but it responds to pressure. Politics is all about pressure imposed on one side by the other and it never ends well. Those attempting to solidify their position at all cost by using others rarely stay in power for long.

Life has its own momentum….it is a recipe with a required cooking temperature. Israel wants to pressure me to go public with what I have before my project has simmered enough to taste. I have learned to sit back and enjoy the ride as I watch these events gently turn into a beautiful weather pattern. Never hurry life…..never push yourself….always allow for that final moment when your project births itself.