Why Heaven is Jupiter….

Israel nor India ever said anything about where heaven might be….in fact I’m pretty sure that Israel kept that truth from India. I was asked to sit down and write about heaven and it’s location and it’s relationship to this planet. Since we use arc communication I was told that the machine could and would provide any information if it felt that it was within my intellectual grasp. Meaning it could gently embellish the facts if I could create the architecture. 

Well I wrote and wrote and wrote for several years and researched in an attempt to create my vision, my understanding. Heaven could obviously be anywhere but if it exists then there must be some sort of trail and a clear one at that.

Jupiter was a planet revealed by the Romans and Greeks. We discussed two perspectives of humans…one looking out towards the skies and the other looking down at earth, trying desperately to understand if a developing primate that climbed down from a tree could develope a fascination for the orbit of planets that were nothing more than specks in the sky. The conclusion I reached was that we are those ancient astronauts that we came from somewhere and we brought with us the required knowledge if a seasoned space travel or.

Jupiter was not worshiped as an object nor was it worshiped as a God, those are translations after the fact. Jupiter was Supreme because it was the place if origination…..it was a place if memiries….and a place with which they were able to communicate using equipment and technology brought iver….technology that I am allowed to use.

We have been on this planet for 500,000 years…..keep in mind we arrived with substantial technology but did not have the resources upon arrival to duplicate or manufacture those items. Earth had to develope between each lifetime and as we came and went , things fell into disrepair….wars occured between different groups not from Jupiter and eventually our technology fell into the wrong hands….all connection with Jupiter was lost for those who kept the technology under lock and key. 

Imagine if you can the length of stay required on a planet to be able to create and manufacture planets and moons. Imagine the length of human history on Jupiter. So the big question was where is heaven. Heaven has been many places and might be many more. Currently heaven is Jupiter…..those machines were kept there and people were allowed as a community to use them in specific ways.

Earth holds our history…..israel withheld our history or you could have returned to this life and done exactly what they allowed me to do….retrieve 40 lifetimes. Before you arrived here Jupiter held your family history and still does. As we come and go we are building a profile in both places and that was my conclusion that if we returned anywhere after death in earth….it had to be to a place which held our history.

Heaven is a real place as I have said many times….you are flesh and blood and flesh and blood you will be again. Your creator invested a lot of time so you could become familiar with your own presence…..Noone is going to turn you into a conscious ball of gas floating through space. Israel and india laugh that the whole world bought the paranormal nonsense hook line and sinker. 

When you understand the fabric of the social order and how it’s all connected together allowing a very careful transition between one location to the other. Each family has many generations and you are a member of that chain of command. You cannot appear here until your mother is here and your father is hete……and incase something happens to one of them prior to your arrival there are considerations that had to be made to protect that chain of command that will mesmerize you……the supermarket and the egg theory is an archaic notion when you see the Planogram for yourself. 

Humans cannot exist in a vacuum…not only is the landscape important but so are the clues that we leave behind that allows us to sense our previous visit. Animals scent mark to find their way…..we build architecture and grand cities and towns. If the people of Italy are considered Mediterranean it’s because they prefer a certain ambiance provided by a mild climate…  they did not show up there by accident….they resonated with the themes of a place they found on earth that duplicated another they knew well….and if we ever leave this planet for another most likely we will find ourselves that happy medium again. Collective memory exists….babies are not blank slates.