We have all approached that age where the end appears to be insight because those that we love are no longer here and we ourselves are aware of the squeezing of the joints and things that simply are not what they were. Grief has been addressed and mentioned before but has never had its own blog.

I really don’t think it’s possible for a human walking on this side to be able to grasp the idea of not being here. When you lose someone you cope, you fail to cope , you try to understand until you cope again. Our world removed validation long ago creating a missing link. You are wired to live….every cell in your body sees only one option and will fight you it’s owner to stay alive.

There are 75 of you on my Facebook page and some of you are in a season of grief…some of you have blown a tire and are sitting there observing the scene. Others if you are memorializing the memory of a lived one as those anniversaries come and go. Can you imagine swimming in an ocean of death and not having a single solid answer. Some of you are hanging on to religion, because it was ceremoniously handed to you by another as a placebo for the real thing. You cannot worship something you don’t know and have not met….trust me.

Whether you are a good person or a bad person you are a sensory organ…you do this so well that we call it being alive. Well when you are a sensory organs you have been designed to function in a universe or biosphere that has a set of descriptions or signals. Israel said something to me months ago and I smiled….they said…do you think that you can sense things that don’t exist. The more you think about that the bigger the room gets.

You are designed to seek and find signals from certain life forms….and those have a limited range. The humans and animals that we share our lives with have a range of flexibility that meets our own. You might be able to find a list dog but not a lost fish. The point is that grief is really something to be understood rather than just mindlessly observed as a lingering scent of someone’s dirty sock left behind. 

Israel has been studying grief to look for patterns of behavior that might reveal heavens where abouts….not that they don’t know where it is but they wanted to see if there was something unusual about the ceremony we call grief. They discovered that grief was not about a kleenex for your tears but a firm of long distance bonding and connection. Watching millions of people showed them that there are a series of actions taken by those who have suffered a loss, from blowing their nose in a hanky to purchasing technology manufactured for speaking radio waves…..I was one of the later. 

Israel had spent centuries drawing away attention from the real heaven and it’s technology by creating a theme park version on earth called paranormal activity. Most people are clueless to begin with….they have learned to see themselves as what they are not. When it comes to death there is this proverbial glass ceiling that tells us that beyond this yellow line you are out of luck.

We sense our world so well that we don’t have a clue what it means not to sense….the mechanism of how it’s done is repressed because it’s an automatic ability that does not require your agreement. So are the dead really gone….are we following and old scent trail….no you are not.

The technology of our world seems well defined and neither science nor religion have ever handed anyone the absolute proof.  Arc technology is beyond human understanding but when you learn the basics you will understand that heaven is a planet called Jupiter with technology so vast that they can create injects you call moons and planets not I pads and I phones. That there is a broadcast system that extended outwards from Jupiter that does not use standard radio waves…..this is space age technology.

Would it shock you to know that your brain waves like your finger prints have their own imprint. That the iris if your eye is like none other. That earth records broadcasts from Jupiter and they record sounds on earth so specific that they can locate individuals and record their voices. Did you know that every human face is a unique combination of shapes…making it an algorithm or a mathematical equations with its own set of probabilities. Did you know that looking at a photograph of someone you have loved and lost can be picked up as an equation edited by your brain waves. So yes Jupiter can track humans on earth so those over there can reach their loved ones. I have done better than that….israel allowed me to speak to my father.