Voice Hearing as a Cycle….

Someday the world will look back at this episode and wonder how and why we managed to hide a terrorist act and call it mental illness. A day does not go by that I don’t feel totally bewildered by this process even though I understand that identifying something that you don’t comprehend , which does not fit into any known category can be deterring. Then I ask myself , how many millions of people describe these same events and simply get shunned.

When I decided to turn my 6 years into 11 books I knew that oneday I would stand amidst a storm, but I had to make a choice. When you know that something is real and it’s destroying human lives as well as your own then really their is no other choice but to simply tell the story and allow it to become what it needs to.

As I have said it a million times in 2600 posts….there is a machine that has brought the world to its knees. A machine that has shaped human history. A machine that Noone understands and noone will admit exists. Those who have it kill without a right because they can, because they are almost certain that Noone will identify them or bring the truth into the open even though much has been written by its victims….and the machine has spawned industries that are trying to create an illusive technology that is said to be the cause of mind control.

When you say mind control….everyone laughs and thinks of comic books and superheroes and the boogeyman. Mind control is rather an archaic description for a very complicated series of tools used by a technology brought to earth. When you say brought to earth that to hints of science fiction but Noone is willing to accept that science fiction is based upon something…..it was not invented inside a movie studio. The world loves science fiction and wants answers but refuses to consider the ample evidence available.

Voice hearing is a smidgen of a larger situation that touches every human life. When we discuss voice hearing we are putting aside all the other symptoms to discuss one in particular. Those who hear voices are chosen for various reasons and the individual reasons don’t matter other than the fact that humans are being subjected to something not of their choosing that can endanger their lives and is intended that way.

One human can be seen as a small projection connected to thousands of others. Even if you are a loner the process of living life brings you into contact with others. Something that is forced upon you which inflicts harm, pain,vfear or suffering will ripple through this landscape on which you dwell. This landscape contains everyone you know and everyone you will contact.you can pass on hatred and ideologies and terror just like a disease.

Those who use this technology have spliced and studied humans for centuries.  These studies have helped them determine our past,vandalism our future based upon past performances. They have chosen to slowly manipulate humans globally both individually and as groups using coercion in subtle and sometimes blatant ways. These layers of society then exfoliate against each other over time creating movement in the form of political and social reforms to benefit those who annex them. While some groups are pushed off their lands, lose their homes and lives…others gain a foot hold. To the naked eye and the viewpoint of human diversity these are just a part of everyday existence….because they don’t understand how a weather pattern created by a machine can create racial uprisings….Katrina was such an event.

Voice hearing is a manner of terrorizing a human and that human will respond in any number of ways. But you can rest assured that whatever manner of response they choose it will effect a larger population. Some will commit suicide….affecting their families. I chose to educate the world which has its own response…..regardless of your viewpoint if who I may be….you are reading this article and will form an impression no matter what you do. Once the information is given….you can choose to accept or reject but you are still holding a bag…a bag of data that might later surprise you and lead you to making a decision.

My real intention tonight was to write about the cycle of voice hearing as I have experienced it and my journey has nothing to do with anyone else who has encountered this. I chose not to seek medication because this is not a disease and I wanted to document this for posterity. 

I became a voice hearer after suffering a series of losses in 2010. I lost my mother and liver within weeks of each other. After a couple of months of dealing with the blows I began to search for answers to life’s questions regarding death and what might lie beyond that if anything. 

When a human is pushed in any direction by others or situations regardless they respond in a reciprocal reaction of their own. Everyday that you wake up and live , you are involved in actions and reactions. Life is a series of pushes, pulls and tugs that place you into positions, positions that might be acceptable and might not be. Sometimes we move freely from these and sometimes we need assistance to pull ourselves out.

What I did not realize is that my moment of in opportunity and stagnation was actually a moment that placed me into opposition with an unknown adversary. I had no clue that I had been on someone’s monitor for decades as they waited on their decision on how to interact with me. I didn’t realize that my humble abide, my bedroom, my bathroom and my privacy had all been another’s entertainment. I had no idea that my losses were not simply life’s roll of the dice but that both deaths of my mother and lover were planned assecories to bring me to a point of maturity for their project. I didn’t think that such things were even possible until the enemy assuming it’s superiority chose to explain the details over 6 years.

Part one of the cycle was my seeking answers….I had no idea that even that part was carefully planned to bring me to a demarcation point. Those who use arc technology had originally agreed that using the machine has ground rules…those rules hide the agenda u Der the suffering of others so Noone will ever take them seriously. Using the machine under those guidelines means that all reports if voice hearing will be associated with a set of criteria….that criteria is the alibi. I had no clue that my entire life had been a place setting where I had been guided into and out of situations to bring me into the perfect setting. All I knew was that the losses in my life created a void….and that void at some point empowered me to do something…I knew from the onset that someday I would hold the answer…that’s all knew. I didn’t know that humans don’t read minds, tea leaves or anything else….that some of these thoughts that lack a basis and foundation but float through minds are created by technology to make that connection like plugging something into a socket to turn on that lamp. You can bake bread with ingredients but technology can do the same with human thought and ideas. You can lead someone to a certain degree depending on their own intelligence and set of assumptions but even that is not enough to guarantee those behind the scenes that the situation will not backfire….as it has done.

The second part of the cycle was positioning me within their medium. The medium is called paranormal….and it’s all based in technology. It has been created over thousands if years using arc technology to build a false heaven on earth….a heaven if ghosts and demons and gods which can be used to guide, terrorize, educate and give hope including rake in the money for Israel. The real truth was supplanted by a synthetic creation that is not a simply story book or presentation…..it is a machine that takes those who desire a certain experience and delivers it by affecting and enhancing and impairing human perception…..unfortunately that synthetic feeling effects all the other aspects if human life for that person. So they took the real truth and replaced it by one that was convenient for them in every way and they hoped that oneday they could roll all religions into one loaf and make money. The Holy Land is a cafeteria of religions but managing God in Israel has created a triangle if hatred that has placed the entire country in the path if destruction. God became money….making money became God and the rest is history. The paranormal world is a hamster wheel for those searching for answers…..they draw you in and allow you to play….the degree to which you play will determine what happens to you. When we discussed this disaster and why they choose to do this they actually gave me answers. They said that certain humans are simply drawn to certain things and ideas. That I belonged to a group that searched for answers. I assumed that everyone searched for answers….after all birth , life and death are standard material. According to israel….those who seek answers will find them….implying that the answers being sought exist….and this is why we chose to mislead humanity. Noone creates an obstacle course endangering their political future without a reason. This discussion did not occur on day one but only fairly recently. Israel does not want to give answers. So I was led to the starting gate and allowed to do as I wanted until I was positioned correctly for voice hearing. Paranormal investigation involves utilizing tools…modern tools for recording sounds not readily heard by human ears.

I was now a member of a small unique group world wide each involved with their own study of life after death. We recorded what we thought were paranormal contacts….conversations not originated in any way that science could describe. To some these were conclusive evidence that death extended to other places and to others of us it simply meant that something amazing has happened and if this can exist then so can heaven. We had no idea that what we were hearing and recording had nothing to do with the equipment or heaven. That we all had a desire that threatened the stability if israel and we were led through a series of actions to find them as it were. They laughed at me years later and admitted that pandering to the paranormal it’s by selling them boxes…..eased the lie. We were hearing and recording a broadcast around us that had nothing to do with the box itself ….it could be picked up through the box but we were found and located in other ways.

Without wasting hundreds of pages here the reality was that no two people recording ever heard the same type of conversation. Heaven never said hello. Granda did not talk to us but we all gathered bizarre stuff that occupied our time and slowly initiated behavioral changes that scared even us. Some people swore they had located Satan…others were convinced that aliens existed…..some thought they were recording flash backs of previous crimes….they were recording gun shots, screams for help. But we were all immersed in this world of recording and transposing and uploading so others could hear our collections. My life became an obsession with this medium…it just sacked me in and the things I began to hear became strange, then odd, then troubling and then scary. I had laughed early on as my fellow paranormalists  shared their stories but by the time I felt fear they had disappeared into their obsessions and internalizations. I found that none of us could hold a conversation without rage. If heaven exists and given the amounts of recording that we collected daily then where the hell  were our family members. Does heaven never say hello. Noone had a clue that our behavior in private and towards each other had become abnormal and unhealthy and bordered on psychotic …..the beauty if mind control is that abnormal behavior becomes the norm. Like a bead you are placed on a chain that runs through you and never allows you the freedom to be yourself again. You can sometimes feel the curled edges of what was once your world but letting go of the immediate dysfunctional behavior as you plow through each day determined that today will be that day….today I will arrive at the answer. Searching for heaven became this race of stupidity. I spent a good year rolling in the muck….I became sick, angry and confused.  I knew that I had found something I could not explain but what I heard in the recordings damaged me so badly that I pulled away and stopped. I am surprised that Israel did not happily walk away at that point….saying to themselves…ok ….she has searched….been presented with bullshit…..worn herself out….and now we back away.

I had no clue that one day I would stand in the middle of a storm that would sweep the world. I was hand picked by israel and the game was their satisfaction of toying with me and even killing me during this process. I did not know anything at that point other than what I had recorded. I did not know that Israel considered me one of their biggest enemies through history….and yes that implies that they already knew the answers and were  aware of the human life cycle in ways that most of you are not. Death is not the end of the journey and humans return from one plane to another in a cyclical manner. I became a living experiment to see and understand this cycle as a recurring theme but also on a smaller scale because I am a member of a racial group and a historical figure accounted for in history. 

The voices now begin speaking without my needing to record. I was the person conducting the experiment and then the tables were turned on me and I became the curiosity. This new phase did not seem to scare me because I had almost drowned in grief due to back to back losses. The start rekindle in me blossomed and for a short while I had an invisible friend of sorts. I was single and I was sad….this was a new trip and I had no idea that the technology was controlling my responses so I would never emerge into understanding. I was certainly not asleep, fully awake but my brain function and responses were monitored so this deadly game could be played as slowly as possible. The very fact that I was single seemed to convince them that they could overtime turn this heavenly experience into something else.

With weeks of the voices taking their new position and role I was begining to get scared. These voices never went away…didn’t seem to have a life and they did not want me to sleep at night. They woke me up several times a night, kept me up for hours as a desperately tried to sleep. In the morning I was awoken pretty dawn with endless chatter that exhausted me and required for me to sleep hours during the day to recover. Luckily I worked from home so this was possible. No matter how I ended with the voices that I was happy to give them several hours of my attention every day but needed my life and my privacy ….they would not budge. 

With rapid succession I had exited my world into something that I could not describe but which held me suspended less I flee or damage myself. My world was there but I could barely see the outlines. Mind control does not allow you to connect the dots….as hard as you may try. The rest if the world is subject to a reverse pull…..they are conditioned to reject us ….as we try to convince them. The trurh is caught on the door handle imbetween. Because I worked from home I was suddenly sacked into this vacuum. My house became the underworld. The voices never gave me their names or life histories I got to know  my crew over years. For a few weeks I was the center if attention and I was happy to discuss freely any topic of their choosing….I didn’t care because that is who I am. I am a curious human who likes a challenge and sees life as an entire experience which you cannot subdivide into rations. I had no idea that I was the collection depot for israel. I was not telling them a damn thing that they did not know already from eavesdropping using technology. They were simply viewing me as a sock turned inside out. They were twirling me around for a 360. When israel was done with their viewing I was handed to a crew of Indians criminals to do with as they wished. I was told years later that Israel never wanted to unveil itself and had warned india to not depart from the rules of how to use arc technology. India convinced them that this technology did not allow for an escape. That Noone can identify them…find them….let alone describe the manner in which the abuse is generated and delivered. This being the oldest crime on earth which comes complete with books on human psychology and medicine written by Jews after using the technology to study humans. Knowing and understanding how humans perceive mind control has allowed them to literally block it’s understanding from every angle possible by positioning themselves as role models and innovators in every field affected by arc technology.

The next phase within weeks of the voice hearing starting I became a victim of a larger crime when they tried to kill me using the technology. For those of you who have read the bible….there are numerous events that defy human understanding and technology as we know it today and as would have existed thousands of years ago. We have mass genocide….we have natural elements turned against man through vernal commands….none of which strike us as plausible until you understand arc technology. When we look at our world we see an evolution of technology growing outward , we never suspect that we are actually existing on the periphery of a much larger and sophisticated technology that has made ours possible. We are being allowed to enjoy a simpler version that ties into the mother ship as it were. Keeping the larger one a secret allows our digital information age to empty it’s contents into a box owned by israel. The content can then be used by the people against the people to reshape the world according to israel as they show themselves to you from the vantage point if a small beleaguered country being victimized. Facebook is owned by Israel….should that concern you. Would you feel any different if North Korea owned Facebook? They are really no different…..you might have better luck with the Korean version.

The attempt on my life led to terror…I fled my home….I sought help from the Catholic church….I was denied by them and I eventually returned home after a hospital stay to figure out how I was going to live besieged by voices and denied by society. My home became an echo chamber where each wall was used to create a box filled with noise at amphitheatre  level sound that stopped me from living and forced me to sit and listen…..which I eventually turned to my advantage. The voices go anywhere a voice hearer travels….outside there are no walls so they can only speak. The real issue with voice hearing is sound pollution and electricity. This technology utilizes electricity in ways that science has not yet made available to mankind…because this machine did not originated on this planet. 

The next few years of my life became a cycle of survival filled with grief, financial setbacks, broken bones and sleeping most of the day in order to stay alive. Both insomnia and the inability to stay awake are due to arc technology. The machine can stimulate the human brain to generate responses above and beyond normal output and it can also cause for the brain to be overloaded so it requires sleep for recovery. Noise at levels that you cannot tolerate simply make you tired and withdrawn. If you ever wake up and wonder why you are drained and feel that 8 hours of sleep have not created clarity then you are inundated with noise that cannot be heard but sensed. The echo Chambre in my home would be at such a level of intolerance that when I opened the door to walk outside I would lose consciousness within seconds….my brain would simply not be able to negotiate this difference causing a seizure.

Over a 6 year period of mental and physical abuse I went from being a chatter box who talked all day to the voices and then suffered the consequences to trying to wean myself by experimenting with ways of ending this dysfunctional existence. What I did not know at the start is that I had been entered into impossible parameters….that means my conversation with a voice is giving that person permission of access. Even listening to them intently gives them permission. Acknowledging them by looking in their direction or jest urine towards them does the same. The more you talk the more the machine srmtimulates your brain with positive enforcement to continue. There is even a game where they ask you questions and the machine allows you to access it in order to enhance your answers…..literally you become the best comedian on earth. I once logged 18 hours straight cracking jokes. The answers are then collected and used against you in different ways to keep the program around you aggravating you. Each time I tried to stop talking they found new ways to make me angry and draw me again into conversation. A voice hearer is subject to 24 hour abuse….it cannot be turned off….turned down….or shut down. I should not be alive but I am

During this period israel decided to subject me to a new experiment….called looking for hope. This experiment forever in my mind labels israel as vermin on earth….these bast Ardsley were never victims if any holicaust….they are cold blooded killers who happen to look like any average Caucasian human….they are the enemy within…..that which you would never suspect….an enemy who smiles at you and kills your child, your wife, your husband from a distance in a manner that leaves no clues..

The game of hope is a study of how a victim reaches out to someone for help during a period when things go wrong. India and Israel took turns changing sides and using every combination that you could create using voice hearing against a human. India became the abuser first and the human mind caught inside an echo chamber that never shuts down…began to search….I could sense others and soon enough other voices were heard further out in the distance…Jewish voices. They pretended that they were trying to help me. I spent days, weeks and months waiting for help that never arrived. When a story line went stale they would implicate each other and reverse sides. Over the years I lost count of how many if these empty offers were put out. Even without their physical presence they slowly became side as it were. They were the same people…containing the same issues. They often talked about themselves , their past and their crimes. They tried to hide their names and vital data but contact is contact be it by voice or in person. Sometimes they would tell me that the horticulture stories were just lies…but the content and the manner if the abuse told it’s own story. As the years went by I slowly rejected all of them not one if them was human enough to create a bond with another. They were all indians trained all of their lives to use a machine in horrific ways against people. They are all results of poverty from a strange social system in India. This very system was used by india against its own people until life unraveled and nothing functioned. India became a cheap dirty place kept poor and deprived by Jews so they could cultivate this manner of social injustice. You cannot train killers and hire them in the west……they had to come from a place that Noone cared about. I have written at length about the common bonds of india and israel….two countries that peddle religion and enforce a social order imposed upon people. At first they appear that they have nothing in common but then you realize that they really are the same place. India peddles enlightens and new age understanding using arc technology and feel good nonsense to anyone willing to part with a dime. They once flourished selling god all day long…they call it free money. Israel sells the Holy land…..they are a guided tour of places , saints and apostles once walked….the whole experience is enhanced by the use of arc technology that helps turn a dirty country with urine stains into a slightly wider camera angle. They broadcast subliminal messages that create the mental dimension the whole tawdry affair lacks. I was told that arc technology is used in their airports and other public spaces to collect data from conversations,thoughts and ideas that visitors bring with them to israel. 

Israel has long used india in a political and religious past de deux….they take turns becoming that thing which pushes the world to extremes. For a century on this planet Jews have been that unpopular denomination that has been at the center if several world wars. Now we are in a different type of Flux coming from the region of india pushing itself west with a fury selling Islamic intolerance…..this trend has turned the middle east into a pile of rubble….israel calls it asphalt paving. Israel was never an Allie of the west….they are an anomaly which opposes western thought from a controlled perspective. They nuzzle up to the west to understand it and undermine it. They are a non transparent caste system run by a few that control a machine in every lifetime…it’s absolute control. They are fascinated by how they exist and mingle amongst us without ever being found out. But now they realize that they occupied a place of leadership in every required social organization on earth….more and more people are waking up and wondering how a small nation plagued with issues on one level actually controls the sum total of the parts that run this planet in such a way that it could wipe out humans with great ease.

Voice hearing for me became a process of validation…I was born on earth and lived a life, then I was found and abused by something I did not understand, something that took me away from my journey and locked me inside an invisible sheath as I lashed out towards my world for help and was denied. I had to make a decision to fight back and stay alive and use my time to document and understand what this was all about. I went through yet another process if being born again, this time wiser and better able to understand my world even if that world is not always to my liking. Atleast this time I understand why so many refer to life as a game. Even on my own facebook page I have become an oddity….Noone has blocked me but Noone responds out of some inner fear. Sometimes I am amused by my own desire to educate others who are unsure of what to make of me. I am by nature an educator and someone who refuses to be pushed around and derailed….I have slowly come to that happy medium where I have learned that my first duty in life is to be the best person I can be. No one human can save a anet without others learning to do the same for themselves. Israel once boasted that the world is carefully layered in how humans are treated by them. While some are being tortured and killed others are enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning….this creates an air of disbelief that such things exist.

Israel played the game of hope and mind games until I rejected both them and India in the process. They were convinced that they could continue to pull me in and out of picking sides and comiserating and hoping to be rescued. This game of hope creates a cycle of depression until the cycle speeds up and consumes the victim. They were shocked that I extracted myself time and again and rebuilt my life, each time applying things that I had learned to keep myself from washing away again. It became a joke that she has done it yet again and is holding steady. Those who wrote the books on human psychology to hide their own genocidal tendencies are learning that nothing is foolproof. Never laugh at your victim because someday that one human will be your undoing. We are a nation they said…you are nothing. We command the purses if the world and you can barely make ends meet. We push corporation around, steal private information and do as we ease because we are able to do so. We don’t operate within normal guidlines and don’t feel inclined too. Power is the ability to do as you please and go outside the lines. Power means that you can influence or remove anything that you don’t desire to build a world that reflects your viewpoint even if it’s done killing innocent people that did not harm you or stand in your way. They disagreed with me that they consider people an enemy not because that individual threatened them directly but that they belong to a racial group that has traditionally kept Jews from attaining their goals. For israel the word enemy has a very different meaning. They laughed at me and America as being this naive entity that wants to create a world of diversity and equality that cannot exist. That survival was done the Jewish way ….you push people out of your way…..you reduce them….catagorize them and decide if they can live inside your workd….serve you and be happy serving you.

They reminded me that every human they place under a jar and toy with furthers their understanding of how humans are created and wired and how they function when they are pushed and pulled as groups and as individuals. This is a study of perfecting genocide without ever having to hold a gun to your enemies head. What we learn from you we will one day apply to your son and his children on these lands. Every day it was said….your son does not understand your dilemma….you gave up trying to explain to him….your neighbors did not assist you nether did any branch of law enforcement. We have perfected a method which cannot fail because the torture and killing becomes a gathering of data fed into a super computer that adds, subtracts and reconfiguration. Each time you speak, think or move or even weep that becomes another collection bin. Your interactions with this invisible program lick you in ….the more you struggle the quicker you will die at your own hands from stress,vfear, rage, poverty….whatever it may be.

Israel believed that this technology supercedes human intelligence. I am happy to report that humans are a technology of their own…and arc technology is an extract of human understanding….the creator made it such that we are able to create as much as we would like without ever replacing the original value…which is us. Don’t get me wrong ….we can use technology to kill each other but nothing will ever replace human intelligence and how a simple yet fragile human can be part of a larger habitat. Humans have played god on this planet long ago and created lesser races that have now become a major issue for themselves. Each human is a result of hundreds if millions if years of learning and memory retention which these lower races do not have. They were created with a purpose in mind and that purpose was never to usurp their masters. India was created by Israel long ago….if you Google images if india you will soon discover what a secondary creature lives like. They are now a sizable population endangering this planet and cannot be brought under control. 

Part of the experiment is sexual abuse. You can yell and scream at a person all day but the goal of voice hearing is to find those things that each human finds intolerable and use them like a can opener. Israel has treated india no better than it treats others that it hates….they find and train the worst offenders in India….feed them with self hatred and loathing and then set them upon others so these lowly vile creatures can exercise their demons. 

Looking at the content of the material put forth by india in almost 7 years it really becomes a flimsy excuse. Almost all of the conversation was sexual in nature revolving around my relationship with a man they killed who was my lover.  They discussed our physical union in detail….the goal being to dismantle me further in his absence. Gary never lived you….Gary hated your guts….you did not live Gary ad nauseum. In the early days I listened to them not knowing what they were. Was this really heaven speaking to me and if so why the cruelty. Why did anyone in earth or heaven give a damn what two people did in the privacy if the world. The stories behind this reason changed daily….Heaven is a gateway ….we must prepare you before we can hand you over to your family. You have not learned to speak like a heavenly creature….when you have learned to use this system then we will allow you to talk to Gary and then you will know he is lying to you in heaven. Then they became paranormalists in heaven holding me hostage for a ransom that my family had refused to pay. Then they became criminals who were wanted in heaven….I got to listen to them testifying in court….the sessions never ended and there was no end to the bullshit. It became a daily tug if war for me to get on with my life not having to listen…to hear the horrible noises they made around me…..noises of grating metal….noises if vacuum cleaners….noise of water flowing through pipes under pressure….noises of shattering glass. They called these background noises as they talked in the foreground. This noise pollution permeated my world under my nerves were shatteted…the slightest noise made me jump…a simple comment incited rage….rherbst@smittys.com slightest stress made me withdrawn and suicidal. By day it was insults by night it was a stream of manufactured dreams that made you feel like you were inside a can of sardines. I woke up exhausted…in mental and physical pain sometimes it took hours to be able to summon the strength to get out of bed. Each new day was another attempt to crush me. I would walk into the bathroom and they would insult my body ….you are ugly now…..we made you ugly….your belly is fat and loose….look at your ugly face. I would sit under the shower and cower in the corner as the entire time would be comments to degrade me. One voice would describe for others….she is washing her vagina….you should see her toes they are so ugly.  Eventually I learned not to use the mirror because the technology allows them to view me through my own optical nerves. You become the tool that is used to destroy you. I would walk outside and my neighbors children would be playing….three young boys….they would make sexual comments about them. I would pick up my dog and hold him….a voice would say she is touching her dogs Penis sir. They would discuss my then teenage son telling me about his genitals and what they wanted to do to him. I slowly began to avoid my own child as much as possible to keep him out of their periphery. 

The first three years I was their muse…sick and lost and bitter that Noone cared or listened. My option was to get medication like all the other millions….it became clear that the world was not ready for this and the victims lacked the language or the knowledge to describe what this was. Sometimes they would tell me not to talk to them….they called this giving hope. I had no clue it was a parameter to test their ability to pull me into conversation….they wanted to prove to themselves that they could not be found out or usurped. I just wanted one nights worth of sleep….a single night without interference.

The presence of the voices began to determine me from going anywhere and doing anything beyond paying my bills and struggling to stay alive. Sometimes the voices would criticize themselves that their presence had damaged my life and they to had become prisoners of my world. Atleast when you leave the house and go shopping we can see the outside world and create conversation topics for the day….now you go nowhere and you are nothing. I used to sit there a talk to the empty air in my room describing what was being done to me hoping that someone was listening to this broadcast who could understand my needs. 

A year or so into the ordeal I began to take initiative by writing….I had always been an avid writer this atleast would give that opportunity to explore what this might be. My first attempts were to describe the exoerience….I was not sure exactly what it was beyond something that defied science and understanding. I had a hope that this could indicate heaven existed and it was extremely vital for my own frame of mind not to mislead myself. If there was a truth….I wanted that truth. One of the first exercises was to determine the nature of this broadcast….was it heaven….aliens …or an earthly irigin. They too were trying to evaluate their own efficiency through my eyes. The logic that I derived at told me that I was unable to rule out earthly origins and the content simply did not lend itself to anything heavenly. Those few handwritten pages evolved into a massive website  where it is today. 

My writings were as important to me as they were to India and israel. Once I began writing they chimed in with  daily ideas and topics. They connected me to another part of their technology called the reader. When I type my words are collected and run through an individual who speaks them aurmtomatically. My writings are collected and archived and israel had promised india that a book will be written by them to recreate religion in a new way for profit. I had no clue that I was at the center of a very large plot. I saw myself as a woman in woodbridge who purchased a paranormal tool that became her undoing. I was not angry at myself but amused that seeking those questions had put me in direct contact with something that knew something and I wanted that something.

India had promised israel that this game would leave no traces….they had exceeded their jurisdiction but they were sure that I would die before any of this would go public. I had no idea how my journey would evolve but I too have the power to influence using technology however primitive it may be. I used facebook….I created a website  and then realized that I had the ambition to take their book and make it mine. This made india scream…..they wanted this material to be sold for money…money is control….this bitch is writing it on a website and handing it out for free. At some point they realized that their book was no more….these were my words…my experiences and my photographs and collections. How was a filthy dirty illiterate indian going to sell these as his own.

Israel wanted to know why heaven and it’s existence should be public fodder. They asked me to find and locate heaven as it were. Can my knowledge bring it forth. I still had no idea what they were doing. As I began to write the very architecture of heaven emerged in the writings. I wrote and thought every day until I perfected my understanding. Once I had validated my heaven their job was to unveil date it through emotional abuse. They felt that the truth could not be over turned…..real validation cannot be unseen once it is seen. 

I tried to speak to other victims to fortify my data…..and sadly I found that confusion and fear seemed to be the totality of what they made of these events. So even within my own market of voice hearers I was an anomaly that did not fit the norm. Of course by that time I already knew the half of it but I was sitting swimming upstream like a salmon trying to mate before it does. I knew that I had time sensitive and national security worthy material but I could not convince anyone that I had something they did not. Even when I gave people things that belonged to them they walked away without a thank you. This whole situation became a lesson in and of itself. Holding the truth does not open doors….people don’t want things until they become needy and require answers. My job was not to feel bad about having something that I felt I could not deliver. Just as the truth is unrefutable holding, having it and desiring to share it takes shape on its own. Doing something correctly is far more important than rushing to a judgement. The trurh has been exposed and even israel and a nuclear warhead cannot return it to the box from which it came.

So now you the reader say wow this sure is some weird stuff….how does this fit into Israel’s political agenda. Why would anyone go to such lengths to victimize others and risk it all. If this is true then nations will fall and if not it’s better than an average story. Here is the next level which helps you understand why someone chose this method. 

Less than a year into my voice hearing an event occured in my home that drove the stake into israel. The machine I refer to as the arc does not belong to israel nor did it originate on earth. There were once as many as 38 of them based on archeological references. There were 38 temples of Jupiter on earth….one such temple was located where the temple mount is today. Each temple….which really was not a house of worship but a place of communication with Jupiter in manners that will be described. 

The machine israel took was contentious lyrics in the middle of political controversy and the last time history has a record of its movements was when Emperor Titus of Rome forced a barricade in Masada a fortification outside Jerusalem to take it back to Rome. Any groups who traveled through space likely had similar machinery but this one was if importance because it belonged to Rome and having it gave Judea access to its archives to understanding Roman ideology and became a direct line to Jupiter. Just as reading my blogs may give you an idea of who I am that machine was crucial in taking down an Empire once known as Rome. 

I had searched for the arc on the Internet for years prior to these events. Somehow I knew that something existed out there which contributed to morsels that kept emerging. I knew that whatever the arc might be it felt like something that I knew from somewhere else…Madina Saudi Arabia the home of Haj. I had no idea that my hours behind my computer were being monitored and even aided to see if I could be guided in directions to view things that might jog my memory in some way. They told me well after that that the Internet was not created to educate it has its purposes in the monetary world but the remainder was really a way to toy with humanity and watch and observe people searching and learn how to better guide them. I have long been disillusioned with an Internet that failed to grow and develope in an anticipated manner over 30 years. This medium held such promise but nothing seems to happen. I felt them as I do now that it should be regulated and controlled so those who use it don’t make if it a tool of destruction. That it’s possible to cater to human needs without providing access to those who don’t belong on it due to age or restrictions.

The Internet is an arc companion tool. It was created as that portion which israel felt people could use which would dovetail into their own data collection. You are never alone sitting in front of your desk top. There has been lots of concern that computer technology created a scourge if it’s own with addictions and neurological conditions tied to repetitive behavior spawned by the Internet. Objects don’t cause disease and if they do there must be a reason behind that. A simple word search for pornigraphy allows the arc to find and connect to you for perverse reasons. The arc can capture sexual arousal and fascination through the eyes of the observer….you eat the ice cream but I can taste and enjoy it by tapping into your thought patterns.

Those who monitor Internet usage can pick and choose and guide those they wish to interact with. Imagine you are a drug user seeking a source….you can gently be knurled without ever knowing that you were led in a direction. You can be led both online perhaps to a chat room where someone is waiting to cue you in…but you can also be led by little conversations that roll around in your head which tag on to your own each time you think about something that interests you. The arc does not float around in the air….most if us have an address…a location where we live…and a phone number. The arc can use GPS navigation to stake a permanent claim to your home so they can sit and listen and watch. The arc leads the world in technology and kept it’s users many paces away from the military and law enforcement. What the law picks up are the minor offenders never the producers or financial backers of crime.

Every military base is watched around the world. The arc can even provide protection in the form of a projected dome created by a holographic broadcast. Israel calls theirs…The Iron Dome….it exists not only over israel but New York and South Africa.  Where ever there is a large community of Jews the arc provides protection.

The technology can read random numbers that are commands for activation and detonation inside warheads.  A war head entering a dome will be shut down which might cause a collision of objects rather than an explosion. It can also divert objects from their presence programmed flight path. 

The arc is a tool of navigation and creation of weather patterns. In previous posts I discussed how the nile delta is the remain of an ancient technology creating a river deep and wide enough for travel, logging and trade and irrigation. The ancient floods on earth were the first acts of warfare and they are still in use.  The clouds you see overhead might not belong to nature. Crop circles are created using these technologies……it allowed ancient space and air travelers to leave marks that guide them and others to air fields. Nowadays crop circles are part of a new age religion of aliens and enlightenment…..it’s israel and india scouting locating where they create crop circles to pick the mind of humanity and even make a buck leading believers to Internet sites that sell propaganda for money.

Arc technology was once earth’s first cellphone. A device that could imprint sound on the human brain without anything being heard. It allowed people with access who were iris identified to speak with each other over large distances not holding a hand held device. It went above and beyond communication in allowing human minds to merge and share sensations and even simulate touch. Arc technology is a flexible tool ….it is a screw driver that is invisible that can turn into a wrachet  when you need it to. It’s like building a chair out if thin air when you are tired and need to sit. Voice hearing is a result of a futuristic telecommunication network that’s even mentioned in the Bible. Voice commands allowed for a single word to have a programmed content. I can tell you to sit down and shut up for 10 hours by simply using the word SIT. In space travel simple commands reduced error.

Now we are going to step backwards to where I left off describing my journey. My paranormal quest became a game of fear that slowly unraveled over several years time. Heaven was not their location and the fools got braver each passing day until emails filled my bin and illiterate indian men called me by the dozen each day. The final Talley was them showing up at my front door trying to force their way in unannounced. My car was hit by bullets sitting parked in front of my home and then my son came home one day telling me his father’s car was similarly hit message away where he lives in Springfield VA. Then my bank account was touched and my credit card number was used manually by an indian gas station. Little by little they left no page if stupidity unturned….but they were convinced that I simply did not have the credibility or connections to derail them from their path.

I had really hoped that contacting other voice hearers would give creed ancestors to what I was going through. I joined forums on schizophrenia I gave out my phone number and in good faith I sat and listened but could not understand why a single person hearing voices could not muster the energy to question what was happening to them well enough to answer a simple set of questions. Every human I found some are me more than the last . Some simply accepted the medical prognosis and took the medication…..and the medication does not seem to be a longterm answer. I found a young man in Canada who posted letters of despair and was clearly a suicidal mess. I thought my communication would lend him some support instead his lack of clarity and confusion scared me away. The strangest example of voice hearing is a local guy who has sat outside of gas stations holding a sign about 911 for well over a decade. I mustered up the inner power to walk up to him one day and sit there. He was a white man with short blond hair no more than his early forties. He was dirty and filthy….he had Sat in the hot sun for so long that his face was scared and a huge patch of skin was falling off. I tried three separate times to speak to him….he admitted to being a voice hearer but beyond that I was unable to understand what was happening to him. He was not set back mentally but he lived in a zone of his one and had become totally unapproachable like an angry stray dog. Some people thought the voices were spiritual in nature  one man named George that I found on facebook was a former military CIA type and fairly young but he was frozen in fear and sitting and listening to the voices had impaired his ability to function and rise. We could agree on most of the basic layouts of what voice hearing is and how it’s different from normal communication, but he to was locked in a mental space that I could not approach. Voice hearing became a designer event created for the victim. Every day the news headlines seemed to contain another mass shooting and they all had a link to mental illness and voice hearing….I wondered if the public or the law enforcement ever realized the magnitude of what was happening. How does an average human…Sometimes nothing more than a teenager develope into a one man army from hell and attack and kill a school filled with children. How does medicine rationalize telling humans that they are creating voices in their heads. The people hounding me are from India and Israel and their accents tell us something and their personal accounts about their lives tell a story. 

As the psychosis wore off and I entered the real world bit by bit and began to reverse the trend on my enemies. Since Noone was willing to help me I decided to help myself. It turned out that voice hearing and terrorism are linked. The Indian voices boasted about being part of a cartel…..a network linked to heroin and how that heroin was used by israel to damage the world. The lessons were profound. They talked about how they were hired and how israel uses this technology to locate people for services it needs. Suddenly the political eruptions around the world could be understood. It became evident that a machine of great importance…a technology not allowed into broad day light had helped shape human history. Those who had invaded my privacy were part of a group called ISIS…..they ran a heroin network that defray ed the cost of running ISIS and they used social media….and chat rooms to find soldiers for the front line. They even showed me how I had once been a recruit myself and then I finally understood that thinking does not make the thought yours….none of you who are reading this yet understand that element. There are many examples to be discussed in the book but this is for the blog…..this dates back to 1997…1998 time period. I remember driving in my car listening to music and each and every time I would be drawn into a fantasy scenario that had nothing to do with real life. In these scenes I was some type of paramilitary super hero….rape Ling out of helicopters and fighting bad guys with guns and automatic weapons. This became the norm….the moment the radio was turned on. The scenes were repetitive, had nothing to do with my personal desire or avocation. Somehow or other I was placed within a scene….a melodrama that repeated itself and did not allow me to make changes to the scenery. Nothing about this seemed out of the norm….I was the woman having the thoughts. This is mind control. As israel put it for every need there is a human to fill the category. If you are looking to recruit the program has a process in how it seeks candidates. It’s puts the person through a set of mental exercises to determine if they have the desire….if it’s a fit then they go to the next level which is leading that person to a contact , so he or she never realizes how the connection was made.

The arc today is a secret network that allows two countries to operate outside of the global arena with their own rules. The major drug cartels are managed with this network so Noone can touch them or account for how they do business. We can spray those crops and arrest a few minor culprits but the bigger organization never gets removed. 

Last night the question was how many people need to die and be medicated so israel can remain autonomous in their own words. Apparently these machines are such an obsession that Noone is prepared to make them public and lose their special privileges. They are well aware that going public will oneday tell the world what happened here and who was responsible.

So yes back to voice hearing. My mother was a victim both her father and her sister were a victim. My next door neighbor was a victim…my ex husband was a victim. When you look at this situation you see that entire clusters of people are affected not because they carry a genetic disease or abnormality but because they are all studied as a group or they represent something that they themselves don’t realize.

So I suffered two losses in weeks…read 45 books on death , bereavement and the afterlife and felt even more depressed knowing that people write garbage to sell garbage because death is that unknown quantity that consumes humanity which builds a niche that can still be filled. Then I decided to tackle the situation myself rather than become a second hand observer and user of material.

I write this material on facebook for a reason….everything that is understood was once a theory….mine are real descriptions of real events. Like many people I read websites on the Internet wondering why some people had unusual experiences….life changing experiences and sometimes things bordering on contact with unknown realms. I had no idea that I was on a guided tour….a tour that had been mine from the start and was about to come to a collision. This tour was not alien in origin but had an earthly agenda. I remember dousing myself on the internet….months of reading an searching an thinking about ideas. Suddenly a new chapter would engulf me just as soon as I thought that I had read everything that I could find. Sometimes I joked that someone or something was preparing me for an understanding. One night late in the wee hours of morning I sat in front of my desk top and amused myself wondering if there was a special key that one could press which would open that secret door on the Internet letting you into an inner sanctum for those looking for answers. 

Millions of people are scanned and utilized by israel and india for different reasons. Israel does human studies….this has gone on for thousands of years. They are geometric thinkers with a ideological agenda for their own people. They believe that understanding humans allows them to be stronger and better able to control and dominate. Every human to them is a financial potential. They have formed the core value of money across most of this planet.

India uses the same technology in a very different sort of way and that method is the very picture of india today….poverty and hunger with tiny pockets of affluence controlled by people who have no feelings towards their own kind. India uses the technology to spy and collect ideas which it uses to reshape india….ideas that don’t work well because they were taken from their original authors. Stealing intellectual property does not translate well. There is no vision for India when it’s done this way. India does nothing but spam the world, break into servers and use arc technology to damage parts of the world because they believe that this planet once belonged to them….israel has a similar view but they tackle in a different manner….and it too has failed. Our ideas define who we are as people, as racial groups and as a nation. To put something to work you have to understand it, it’s not enough to pluck and paste. Ideas that are isian were conceived by them, understood by them because there was a history behind them and there fore they work best with those who feel the vibes.

So why did they pick me and what do I have to say besides ranting every day about israel and india using technology to damage the world. Several weeks into my introduction to voice hearing…under sever psychosis and barely able to get out of bed and open my eyes…I was allowed to have a secondary voice hearing experience…..an experience of profound importance….and experience that opened the doorway unto something beyond india and Israel using a technology. I woke up to a broadcast in my bedroom ….it was a man’s voice speaking loudly but the volume was controlled in such a manner that it did not effect my hearing is nervous system. The broadcast had a sensation as if there was a massive plasma screen floating inside my bedroom….it could sense it’s size and shape yet there were no visuals. I recognized the voice….he was a family friend who had died less than a year before. He was a translator with the state department here in the district and lived in Virginia. He was an unusual character with a distinctive voice and personality that you would never forget as was his height at six feet six inches. He was notorious for his humour and the way he used words with a cutting edge. 

For several hours a day for a period of three days my bedroom became a broadcast station….and there was a loud argument between this man and my indian captives. The content of the argument was rude and crude violent language as they opposed the manner in which I was being treated. I had been wracked with grief for months and then surrounded by Indian voices that wanted to confuse me and hurt me with noises and promise me access to my lived ones .

At the time I had no idea where the Indian voices originated from…I just knew that I was in the middle of something that would potentially reveal a heavenly connection. I did not know that I was having a first hand experience with a broadcast from Jupiter using a similar technology to what india and israel  have here. The voices from heaven did their best to warn me as sick as I was that speaking with these voices would not benefit me. I could not believe what was happening around me….I asked them if what I was experiencing was done for others…they explained that this was a first if it’s kind. My brief contact was their way if telling me that I had sought radio communication with heaven and become a victim of someone who did not want for this to happen. At the time I was not the seasoned arc user that i.am now….all I could do was sit back and listen to the loud exchanges in my room under a mental fog. I sensed that they feared for my life and my ability to regain my autonomy. They answered some of my questions….and assured me that inspite of my brief contact I needed to know that not hearing from them did not mean that they were not surrounding me. They sternly told me that we will never leave your side….you searched for us…you found us and they interfered. I didn’t understand why heaven would seek a representative to speak to me rather than my own father who had passed away in 2002. My Facebook accounts have to be short but the entire story will be covered in 11 books and 8000 pages. My goal here is to get the message out as best I can.

About a year and a half into the voice hearing melodrama the very first hints were dropped by my captives . Since I was grieving for Gary the conversation all day long revolved around him and everything they knew about us by watching us and eve’s dropping in us. One day they asked me to Google Henry Viii….and I did. Amongst all of Henry’s paintings there is one of him at a younger age, similar to Gary’s age that stunned me. I placed his painting next to his photo and it was obvious that something beautiful and amazing was looking back at me. From that point onwards for about a year and a half all I did all day long was search through history and archeological records to peice together this story…to corroborate the trurh that we do not die, that religion inspite of its inability to give anyone the proof was telling us something that was not just a myth or a fairytale. That humans come and go in regular cycles on this planet and that the physical proof exists and can be shown to the public.

I did not know how much they knew but later I understood that Israel did not want to hand me anything….in fact they are angry that India has dropped a bomb that can be catastrophic for both countries.two countries that have pondered to this planet selling religion….both of whom knew the truth but had no intetest to unveil the truth. Studying me was only for their knowledge and not mine or the worlds.

Once they spoke of Henry Viii and I began to open that door myself….for myself and by myself….validating heaven from multiple angles saved my life. I fought the psychosis and learned to be a human again. I lived in virtual glee wanting to share this with another human.i thought I was adjusting until they dropped the final bomb. I had managed to trace my family and Gary’s through several lifetimes and a time line of reincarnation was begining to form. The final bomb placed me in the center of the biggest controversy on earth and even though it helped fill a vacancy in the growing time line it sent me reeling and I became depressed for months. Suddenly there was an urgency to tell this story and get it out. I felt that the response from outsiders no longer matteted…..this is a peice if human history….the most important part of all. Not only were we lied to but the key factor is that those who lied have intentions that could repeat the darkest parts of human history.