The Human Food Chain or Retail and Genocide…..

After my encounter with Groupon Coupons today it’s clear that every human unbenounced to themselves is part of a pyramid of deceit and lies created by Israel. Israel is using today’s information age to develope a network tracking humans from life to life and super computers make that possible.

Isn’t it strange that a country that most of you know little about knows more about you and your family network and worth. That they have photos if you, film of you and material obtained that would silence you in horror.this is about a self serving empire that raises it’s head above the Sands as israel but lies hidden well below as many other things.

Israel wants to create a world that is Jewish friendly.on the surface. They want to control the growth of this planet according to those who benefit them….the others will be gently pushed aside into menial jobs that never allow them to rise to any noteworthy rank. 

Israel uses arc technology and it’s study of humans to develope an understanding so crucial that it can splice populations into denominations. Israel has determined that certain parts of the country contain populations that are politically adverse to them and have been for centuries. The greatest enemy of israel are other white races… inner hatred that has kept them from being understood as the cause if pain and suffering in this planet. They have said again and again that they are unable to compete with white races in the same markets, and the markets they once control firmly are now all being investigated for fraud. 

The west is constantly immersed in the idea if equality, security and financial stability. We want to protect our countries borders as well as our personal privacy. Israel rose to power using humans….they understood the powers of the quick sell….fast money….intetest rates…..and stuffing that illegal cash allowing it to build up into financial assets deep and wide.

Our financial world has not changed much or been restructured yet but we as humans of networks large and small are learning to read the fine print….question the longterm value and learn to see ourselves as an empire in development which needs to be nurtured rather than fleeced.

You and I are now something to be passed along a financial network.  When you touch google….go on facebook or make a purchase at your local grocery store you become raw data that is quickly sold and passed on for the next person in line to take a bite. It takes less than 2 hours for a Google search to be connected with your Facebook as advertisement for a product you researched on google.

Sadly you are also a part of a chain that could end in genocide. Israel uses technology to push people around….that means you might find yourself enticed to move to another zip code. They use subliminal broadcasts to herd populations around the country and sometimes out if the country. They use facinating ways such as weather patterns to remove entire populations or cause minorities to clash in poor areas….those pockets of violence can then be manipulated in the media….but even innovative ways of damaging humans has its limited ways and means that can become repetitive and be scrutinized.

Before populations at large became educated israel killed millions using pandemics caused by frequency as a means of disposal. They have tracked and studied reincarnation for thousands of years and they have never quite figured out how to cut and remove specific networks without damaging life on earth.

I guess I should not be surprised that stupid people can use technology and undo their own rise to fame. When israel located me 7 years ago….I was on that list of human studies…my family and my contacts were listed as enemies of israel based on past performances. I was sought as a person of intetest because of my association with a movement known as Christianity. They never guessed that this act of intrusion on my privacy would unveil them to the world. 

Righnow every human on this planet is a morsel of food to another in a trickle down economy that endangers everyone. Israel does not want equality….they have avoided the Palestinian issue for decades until it turned into a time bomb next door. Israel wants autonomy to rule and control….they feel that there is only room enough for a few to enjoys the bounty if lufe the others only need pick up the crumbs.