Were the first Occupants of Judea Aryans who spoke Farsi……

I have discovered that Mary Magdalenas father was King David of Judea. My family has no Jew roots and as far as I know we are not derived from Jewish roots. The early history of Judea does not make clear what the demographics were but now we know the culturally it was very diverse. 

Today I have come upon a few random Hebrew words as I Google for images that surprised me. The first word is shekel….it refers to a denomination used in Israel….but if you pronounce the word without emphasizing the vowel between the last two consonants it has a meaning in farsi…..face. well coins are usually adorned with faces on one side and it is that picture that allows the masses who cannot read and write to easily identify the currency.

The second word I came upon was looking at images of King David palace. The word is Banaiah……which according to its Hebrew meaning is….to build as is the fasi defenition which means construction of architecture. 

This has another intetesting implication in tracing reincarnation. 3000 years ago King David lost his throne…..his only daughter and some of his followers fled jure Salem following a Jewish uprising. Mary Magdalena  would have been a Farsi speaker. The lives that followed we spoke Latin and Latin based languages, in this lifetime I was born in Iran and my language became Farsi again.

Farsi is a language spoken by a small group of people in the world and their current location tells us that they were once located elsewhere or a part of a larger group. The discussion last night was Wethersfield Iranians were once part of a group known as Jews and then separated for some reason….however Israel’s answer was No…..was are autonomous…..we must be….and we can never settle for less. You believe in freedom which is the exact opposite.