The Pain of Being Human….

There is plenty of joy in life tucked in between the crevices but the measure of being human is accomplished by how you over the pain. What exactly is the pain of being human…I guess it’s the constant juxtaposition between what you think you are and everyone else wants you to think. There is this juggle that never ends from the day that you step off that high chair to measure up and attain and nurture and prepare the next generation, it’s hard not to get lost in the midst of all this.

Today you fix the dishwasher tomorrow the car will not start…..there is an overlap of never ending situations that come our way that seem to want to keep us from finally setting it all straight. Nothing in life can get done just once, it requires constant care. Life is a race against time as things break,vfall off and die, or so it seems.

Then there are all the things we do to each other to deny one another, push each other aside, compete over useless tasks, collects things that fill a void that should have been filled with love. We blame mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends, until we run out of people to blame.

Then we have careers, dead end jobs, asshole bosses and paychecks that don’t make it through the month. Are we defined by who we are or where we work. Years and decades of setting goals in careers that don’t pan out. And then the race against time itself as you look in the mirror and there is less today than there was yesterday. You add up all these things and life turns into some strange experience.

Someone had a sense of humor when they created humans. We are all wired to stay alive. Even if you are lost in a dry , parched, desert, you still don’t lie down and say….Ok, I have had enough. I am going to close my eyes, shut down and not wake up ever again. We are made to keep ticking until that moment finally arrives , probably when you are having the best fun you ever had and suddenly the batteries run out.

Today’s on facebook, there were pictures of families celebrating a marriage. There were people scared of going into surgery and others not looking forward to medical procedures….all on my page. I had my own set of issues but I thought about all of you and realized that life is not convent or always user friendly but there are people to reach out to. They don’t all have the answers we need or even want but they are there. We have all played small parts in each others lives in some way long ago to not unfriendly each other on facebook. And of course little did you know that we have done this before and may yet again. 

Life is like a 7 bean salad we are all tossed in there and so is the other stuff that seems to take shape on its own. This is 2016 not 1975 when there were more beans and less of that strange stuff. My latest project is trying to figure out how humans can reduce that pain of being human and in the process I created some more tension…’s almost midnight and I have twisted my little head today with thoughts. I am now going to bed with the goal to think less tomorrow and see if the pain can be reduced. If that does not work a new method will be devised.