The Economics of Food Delivery Services to your Door….

I have not personally used a food delivery service but each time I turn a round it’s another review and more happy clients. It’s true that trusting your own shopping judgement is favored when it comes to buying food ingredients. Noone wants to open a box of withered greens. 

The cost of food today is so high that we are all caught in a loop. Humans have a tendency to buy the same stuff everything they shop out of fear that a new item might not be the best choice. 

Suddenly I realized that a food delivery service can do something no shopper can…it can provide you with the exact requirements of products to create a meal. Food delivery gives you as many unique meals without having to shop for them which is not economically feasible. 

Supermarkets of the future will either facilitate  smaller purchases tailored towards preset meals or continue to lose customers. The convenience of having something properly weighed and measured and wrapped individually delivered to your door cannot be beat. The cost of great cuisine on the fast food budget that I currently spend is easy to rationalize.