Answers are not to be Given but to be Saught….

It’s a strange thing to know that once upon a time the answers were known to humanity in earth….that through acts of war, disagreement and greed they were taken away and now we sift through sand looking for them.

When you know enough about human history you can see what took place here long ago. The truth cannot be withheld forever it seems to attract questions like a magnet pulling those pieces out again. That is really why the general rule of thumb tells us that telling the truth is the better choice. Those mistakes made by humans are mistakes others have made before and can be understood and forgiven.  In this case a few have decided that what they did was so bad that they are willing to kick that dust if ages to keep the truth hidden from us as long as possible.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the things that are known to us and we take for granted. I have a feeling that when the trurh is found this time around Noone will let it out of their sight knowing how it was taken, how great the cost was and what it took to bring it to its rightful place again.

Validation is a very special feeling, you are not just handed something but forced to assemble it over time questioning every little piece that you fit against another until it is whole and complete. Validation is a process that makes something a part of you so that it can never be taken away because you had to extend yourself subjecting yourself to failure, ridicule and all sorts of rejection including your own questions regarding its value.

Those who seek answers face challenges they never imagined. When you seek those valuable answers at some point you will be found by those who hid them and you will be astonished that they are willing to destroy you and everything in your path to keep them undercover. Seeking answers reveals the underbelly if life that few are prepared for. Those precious answers that we want to display in beautiful majestic places for all to view and behold are kept by people in the dirtiest tawdry estate places on earth……it appears that they did not benefit from it and could not.

Then there is the art of giving answers to those who are not yet seeking….I have found it best to simply make it available. Never give anything to anyone who is not ready to recieve….let them go pick it up when they are ready. Humans are living sensory organs and seeking generally means that there is something not quite within reach, something that seeks your attention. You cannot seek things that don’t exist or cannot be formulated as ideas and shaped into reality. Life is a big satchel that holds things that might interest you and benefit you so dig in.