More About the All Seeing Eye…..

I have written many things about arc technology that many of you may not have understood. Today we are going to discuss the all seeing eye. The eye symbol has been handed down to us from several cultures mainly ancient Egypt, it’s real meaning has become lost and it has turned into the symbol of esoteric knowlege….most of which is useless.

The all seeing eye is part of a technological tool kit that was and is a super computer so advanced that our science here on earth does not have a language description for. At the core of arc technology is human thought. In our world super computers exist but we are at a manual mode, this means that we collect and gather data and then we run that data in different directions to u derstanding the scope of our world mainly in terms of numbers and growth.

Now we are going to advance in giant leaps. Your world is an electric world. Your body and all living things require a low vtafe electricity to synthesis their processes on a cellular level and to transmit message which allow for movement and death is ion making. Where we came from electricity was understood well enough for humans to learn how to use it to transport thought patterns. That means that I can create an idea, and that idea can be broken down into a series of mathematical equations that describe it…..electricity too is an equation…..when you think you are attaching equations to electricity on a localized channel which is you. On Jupiter this was captured on a larger scale so humans could transport ideas through space and time to improve their lives but also communicate through vast distances of space.

The all seeing eye is a hologram that can be attached to electricity and it has vital components…

…it can see and record visually 

….it can hear and communicate like a telecommunication center.

…it can capture a moment from multiple dimensions that include human thought and all human sensory components.

….it can navigate the globe and create maps and charts and GPS. 

….it can act as a satellite by being set in a given lication for longterm observation.

….it can even be used like a lamp to light up areas because it can absorb like a solar cell.

….it can be used as a transportation mechanism of human thought and ideas when it is connected to groups of people. One person’s rage and anger can be passed on to others. 

Overall the all seeing eye was part of a tool kit intended for space colonization and warfare. On Jupiter and other planets there are user friendly versions made for everyday use….but this was not. This application is dangerous for human health and survival because it utilizes electricity and speeds up electrons…..this combinations affects the human neurological systems and can effect cell growth by creating cancer in humans and animals.

Several days ago the Jewish voices told a story about the early days on earth. 500,000 years ago to be apart. This was a time when lufe here was made up of several colonies of people who had yet to combine their efforts….we were different base camps and not particularly friendly. A member of our group questioned why the Jews used the all seeing eye to light up areas because it’s long term use out weighed it’s benefits to humans. Our group lit up areas manually. The Jews brushed him aside.

Israel and india both use arc technology to further themselves in this world. The eye is installed in places where military installations exist….over the Whitehouse, in places like calico Valley where technology companies are abundant. This morning he said this is why we prefer for Jews to stay together in communities….this way we can place this over others and and not damage ourselves. 

You can literally sense the eye when it’s active in an area….it creates and generates a feeling of things being sped up. It has a fuzzy feel because it’s activations generates a buzz you can hear and feel. Go outside everyday and rate the noise level ….after a while you will become familiar with things you have always taken for granted. Today is a beautiful sunny day but there are days with the same weather components yet all you hear is silence. 

Israel attaches sounds to this field of activation. They call it the sounds if commerce. These sounds are recorded sounds of cars, planes and human activity….because the sounds motivate humans to get out and about and spend money.