Pin Points in the Human Brain…

Arc technology can scan a human and determine those access points ….those compartments in the brain that oversee every minute action that we perform. Do you cry easily….are you overly emotional….do you jump to conclusions. Every human seems to have certain aspects of their emotional control dashboard that are used more than others. 

Those who damage humans study those points and use it to their advantage. Slowly an average human becomes distorted in front of othets….it’s like photo shop where you play with human faces and exaggerate them….the same can be done with human personality using mind altering frequency, a little negativity can be turned into a suicidal finale. 

The arc broadcasts frequency all day long that effects populations at large but through GPS it can track you down by phone number and address and victimize you individually….by creating a program just for you. When you are not a voice hearer you simply react….you get depressed, angry, sullen, paranoid. When you are an active voice hearer you can make choices to override their intentions by simply choosing not to react. When they speak to you the program is allowed access to your mind and body in an eccellerated way. Even listening to them actively and not living your life is dangerous.

Sometimes for short periods of time I become myself…calm, relaxed and happy. They say we let you off the programming so we can compare the difference when we begin to push your buttons again. Our world has become filled with opposition mental illnesses such as bipolarity where humans are shifted back and forth daily until they break and break those around them. If you thought Israel’s politics were thousands of miles away from you , you are incorrect….they follow you.

I stated in my blog many months ago that being a voice hearer brings new understanding to human conditions. We are wired to stay alive and stay away from things we don’t understand, fear and situations that could be life threatening. When you see a human who is scared, does not make sense, is disheveled and dirty….it does not mean that they are too stupid to clean up and stand up….it means that they are victims of something they don’t understand…and not understanding it has allowed their lives to be filled with cobwebs……we need to learn to show compassion and not shun humans.


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