Love is what it is all about…

Life is a comical ed matter and at the core of that existence it will always be the bonds created by human relationships that make the connections. As you can see by the view outside of your window nature is rarely about conflict….as much as science understands there are aspects of human nature that puzzle us. Intelligence does not seem to absorb those particles that create conflict and conflict is raging like an inferno all over this planet.

The opposite extreme to conflict is love which endear us to others and vice versa. Life is also an equation….things that connect…correlate…add up…off set and equal. Love is an equation but not one that is easily understood because studies of reincarnation or reoccurring lifespans on earth have shown us astounding things not yet known or published by science.

Imagine 1500 hundred lifetimes on earth….that is roughly how many times you have made this journey. Look across the room at your spouse…..this person has been by your side each time. Remember all the arguments that you have had….all the times you said to yourself maybe I made a mistake….well this is not the first time you have had a spat. Humans don’t mate randomly….scary isn’t it. Your family and children don’t change.

So what is love….it is the ultimate elixir…that positive reinforcement created between two people that creates and generates, desire, a longterm connection, pair bonding, raising children and enduring all that comes with it. Love is far stronger than hatred. 

So what exactly creates love….because in reality as dating websites would tell you love is not found around every corner. All the dating websites went out of business…they could not deliver love because they did not know how it was generated….unlike you cannot create life mates by mix and match questions.

I was astonished to realize that in 40 lifetimes that we could archeological lyrics locate my husband was the same man. The question became so now that we know mates have always been ideal couples….how and why and where is that feeling generated….is it looks, chemistry, intellect…or something more.

Human memory unfortunately does not have the records to tell us how we first met our ideal mate….perhaps we chose them…perhaps there was a method and we were paired based on some type of scientific decision making program…but clearly it works because we find each other and the spark is ignited again as if it were the first time. 

A suggestion was made tonight that the passion that we feel is a direct result of your connection and bond over millions of years…..that means it was accrued over time… feel it when you meet them and fall in love but that moment if passion…..took a lot of hard work. 

People that you admire in the media are also people that you may have admired before. This does not mean that relationships cannot be added or subtracted over time but passion is a result of connections built side by side through space and time. Love is the stabaluzed within society because it’s backed by previous success….it’s tested and true.


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