How to Build a Case Against Israel According to Israel….

Israel is not happy with india because arc technology was always supposed to remain a secret. They were given a set of rules about how it could and could not be used on these shores so it would not jeprody zero Israel. My situation is now a landmark case taking shape as they watch unhappily. They asked India to clean it up or risk some kind of reprisal by Jews. CLEAN IT UP ….was a politically correct way of saying do what ever needs to be done, including killing her to shut her up. They are not allowed to use the word kill because it is sensed by the arc. 

India gave Israel dates by which this could be done. They even ran several storyline a day trying to exonerate israel from having any knowledge of what took place here. In a six year period my rage and anger evolved too in its own way since I could not escape the broadcast I had to creatively channel the situation to my benefit and I began to document online…..that website is now probably one of the largest personal archives online. When the documentation forged itself into something worthy I decided to turn it into a book…..soon one book became 11 books and israel is unhappy. They are unhappy because their human studies using the arc show them the sphere of human influence. They realize that most of my blog is also aired on Facebook…..shared with people I know from all walks of life. They know that I have exceeded the number of contacts with others to make this a safe hit…..since I have have boldly told others and even.posted on the FBI pages that my life is on the line. 

Israel wanted India to step aside and leave me alone but that would ruin Indias investment in their experiment that  was supposed to turn me into some bell jingling indian goddess…..something they could manipulate for a rupee. Israel knows I intend to take them down but they feel that I am miles from that destination as a singular human I don’t have any power against israel unless my writings once published gather speed and produce that momentum where I can pull myself out of obscurity and become that person a public figure.

Israel does not feel that the United States would ever step forth willingly to aide me in this endeavor……there is too much at risk….since this does have the tinge of religious warfare. Sadly countries do bystep their citizens to avoid embarrassment or large scale disaster taken on on behalf of individuals. There are millions of victims world wide and if they read the book and see this as their platform  then a legal case can be built which may ultimately become the case against Israel by  the United States of America.


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