What a super computer can do to your life….

A supercomputer can take words and statements and look at them in very different ways. A totally of a sum of a certain number of words can tells us lots of things about a human….it’s no different than when any of you read what any of us have written on facebook. Words can describe the general mood or attitude. Words can tell you how directions someone approaches questions and avoids answers. Words can tell you about level of education and things people fear. You can look at a group of people who know each other on facebook and combine those words to see what they have in common or why they might be friends. Everything written on facebook is processed to generate a viewpoint of daily standing of a nation called America but certain individuals and groups are also looked at closely.

I have covered this before in a previous blog but a comment by india that Israel uses Facebook pages to aid the FBI in weakling out criminals. They use psychology, speech patterns and word usage to pull out perspective wrongdoing who have not admitted to a crime but the analysis indicates potential. The sad part of Facebook is that easily half the pages belong to India…..and all they do is hound humans on facebook to engage them in hatred filled commentary or use Facebook as a place to recruit for ISIS and simular terrorist groups. Obviously israel can catch criminals when it’s to their advantage but not otherwise. In fact there are no security standards or mechanism on facebook….no rules of adherance….I have been punished twice for things said to me by others. They want it to be as easy as possible for people to join social media because it’s a free collection box of your intellectual capability.

What is really intetesting is when my life was threatened I posted the information on my page and not only did Facebook not show any concern the FBI and Homeland security have each recieved hundreds of my postings and not replied to a single one. So on one hand privacy is broken on facebook but on the other hand those who need help are ignored.

I think social media was developed and generated not so we can enjoy the medium but so eventually.privacy would disappear as humans are taught to flaunt every aspect of their lives for others. If you are not blabbing then someone is blabbing about you and another is collecting. 


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