Vitellus….lost…found and lost again…

There are things in life even I cannot explain…..there are things that even the arc has not she’d light on but they are what they are . Four people have come to me as clients who’s archeological remains identify them in history.

The last of these 4 walked in weeks ago and I recognized him as one of those elusive roman statues yet to be identified. The statue was clearly not a member of my family but had a feeling to it…that’s all. Well suddenly he is lying on my massage table….he is an attorney, we’ll spoken and easy to get along with, with a sense of humor. 

I found him to be personable and we talked about politics and what I was writing about. He seemed open and intetested. On his second visit I decided to let him know that I had something to give him and that I felt that he had been identified. I sent him the photos and I was pleased that he too was struck and did not brush it away as pure coincidence.

In the next few weeks he came over we discussed how all of this was affecting him. He told me that as a military personnel he had spent 4 years stationed in Italy. As an intellectual we had enough in common that my art history and archeology knowledge could easily meld with his version of Italy. 

We talked about the Jewish indian connection….about what I had discovered regarding human history and the removal of facts and truths by israel. I told him that India was ISIS and he shared his viewpoints about a visit to India that left an after taste that these creatures are not like the rest.

He told me that he was part Jewish and I told him that most of white humans seem to have a Jewish mix and I have a few question marks of my own. My father’s side is a mixture of things…his father was blond , blue eyed and very Germanic…his mother was small…tiny…with dark hair and eyes and olive skin. My father was an intetesting mixture somewhere imbetween. I have no Jewish connections within family but I was married to a man who had a Jewish side on his paternal side. 

Our conversation about Jews was never about Jews as physical creatures with a description but a political and ideological issue that is becoming a nightmare. We talked about the elections that are coming up and we both agreed that Hillary is not the answer.

I felt that our discussions about israel were purely in regards to a country and it’s operation ….he didn’t seem to have a Jewish exclusive attitude anymore than I can cope with Iranians and their politics…I live here…I grew up here and I am opposed to their bullshit ewually.

I was excited that my new discovery had taken it upon himself to check the facts and read the books. We spoke about it again and yes it was clear that deep within him he had made that connection but refused to put his final stamp of validation based on a limited exposure which was based on his statue alone.


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