Does it exist….is it a fairy tale….is it our way of coping with uncertainty. It is sad when an idea or actuality is exploited to the point that the truth becomes obscured. The very word Heaven conjures up images for most of depending on our personal backgrounds and experiences. Most people have long given up of there ever being a real answer to such things and even when they tell you that this is a topic of intetest they quickly become suspicious that yet another human wants to sell them something for a dollar.

Some believe that Heaven is a forever place that you attain and never return here again….others believe that reincarnation is a possibility but hey are not sure what that entailed. Do we return again as ourselves or is our essence inserted into another body different from this one….a different gender, a different race. Others believe that we might come and go as any living creature large or small.

In western tradition heaven looks like Florida….it’s warm all year round and moderately pleasant. It’s denizens where cotton clothing in shades of white and they relax and drink tea all day long. Noone is sure where heaven might be…there is an assumption or something wanting us to believe that it is so far that it could not be perceived from earth….some of us even speculated that the universe might have overlays or dimensions….which means that heaven does not exist in our realm for a variety of reasons.

And the final category is that Heaven does not exist…will not exist and cannot exist. That we are here as a random mutation of life and that we will die and our children will continue until which time life ceases to exist. A few others think that heaven is factored into us through organs or glands that exist within us and release enzymes at the time of death to ease fear and disconnection.

Heaven finds its way into your life…..every human encounters that moment at some point when they feel that the answers are not enough. When that moment occurs you are aligning yourself literally turning your head and body as if you are wanting to hear something that you feel is out there hoping that it will find you and give you hope.

Some believe that if there is an answer it will one day be unlocked by science and some prefer to lean for comfort towards religion and clergy. All in all people get scared when you tell them that the truth is about to be released because they fear that they will allow you into their world and then be let down which will not allow them to return to their current belief system. 

No matter what anyone says we all have a belief system….some use it like a wall of zero penetration and others allow it to hover around. Being alive means being aware….aware means you have your own set of answers however rudementary.

Heaven exists….the truth will be placed in front of you with every angle and nuance possible to allow you to see how it was derived. Noone will say anything once it is placed there because I believe that the truth is an eqiation…it occupies a density all of its own….like anything on the chemical chart. Truth equals matter….and that is why we say …It matters. Matter is exists…its can be quantified and validated by human sensory organs.


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