Heaven Part 3….

The last part of bringing into view the trurh is keeping it from becoming a circus. Before our world became an advanced communication network system information was easy to remove…books were burned, libraries destroyed and messengers were killed. This removed the better part of the truth leaving fingerprints behind for us to enjoy. 

Religion like sex is something that motivates and sells…it can be effectively used as a lure when trace amounts are used. Mary and Jesus had nothing to do with Christianity which formed itself and crystallized after the fact. Religion creates a debate….that debate then polarizes groups of people and then all sorts of stupidity rubs itself into that crevice and we have religious intolerance and a filtered understanding used for manhandeling people.

This is not the first time that heaven has fought for its place….we are doing it again in another time which gives it a whole new type of feel and urgency. I was told by india and israel that after my death they will manipulate this new release into yet another religion to line their pockets. Religion means free money. The world religions are begining to fade and a new delivery of the old story can liven it up as they think.

Being told Heaven exists is more than just being given a new toy, a peice of paper, a diploma an invitation. The power of validation transforms humans so severely that no human will ever allow or accept another to push it around and lower it. This is why Heaven was removed and given to us as a fragment….Israel’s feeling is that allowing humans to feel like super hero’s creates friction, lack of unity and the failure of the system. However over 3000 years they have discovered that lies do the same.


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