Heaven Part 2….

How does heaven factor itself into our lives and world history. How do you correct a perception once it has been abused and maligned…it’s not easy. Heaven is not separate but tied to everything that has ever occured here on earth. I used to roll my eyes and religion as being an age old manifestation for control still held onto by many….and don’t get me wrong it is but the hysterics that arise from religious intolerance obviously are rooted in something so tangible and important that it continues. When we see these radical insurgencies we cannot see behind them for the pain caused by those who damage others….we see the violence and fail to see God behind it. 

I considered myself a person with no intetest in religion or politics and now I sit enraged in the center of a situation forced upon me but I see the value and necessity of sharing what I have found because it speaks in volumes.

Each day I try to resolve how I am going to explain the complexity of this matter to a world divided by education and understanding. Everyone looks at you wide eyed and says ok I have 5 minutes tell me what you got. It cannot be done that way because this situation has evolved over centuries…understanding what heaven is and how it mutated and disappeared from view requires a desire to understand human history. Nothing in life is ever as some as we want it to be. Yes Heaven exists….but in order for it to be understood and be reunited with our world and kept that way we need to understand why it disappeared.

There has always been an understanding that heaven is not just a location but a religious experience or enlightens. Heaven has been used to suggest that humans transform in some way into better creatures when they are resuscitated from death. 

Heaven it a place like Earth….in fact much of what exists here was brought from there. A good way of understanding Heaven as a relationship between two orbiting bodies is looking at Mars. Someday soon we will recolonize Mars….that does not turn Earth into a distant fable….we are a place. Heaven is the last outpost from which we came to Earth. Heaven is in your solar system. The last sentence I wrote was six words….easy to understand…however those six words have a history and reason that takes into consideration mathematics and science so that your understanding can validate the truth. It’s not enough to tell a stranger Heaven is in your solar system….so what…who cares. When you understand the how and why then it becomes a reality. As the voices say validation is the ability to take something…turn it upside down…inside out and every which way so others can see it. 

For me to present Heaven required the use of a special peice of technology. To learn to use that technology and it’s special requirements is like acquiring a new set of language skills. This machine once allowed humans to communicate with Heaven in ways that are far more intetesting and advanced than basic human language skills. Heaven does communicate with humans but there are those with technology trying to stop that broadcast. There are many humans who describe unusual experiences but their inability to know how this is happening and what manner of technology if any is being used has caused the formation of a bizarre knowledge that obscures the truth and makes humans easy susceptible to being emotionally and financially fleeced. 

Heaven never bid us goodbye…..it took technology to deflect it from view and that was done by humans….humans who understood how taking something away allows you to control or substantiate your own cause.

Heavens removal was a political statement and a form of bandage and cruelty because our entire planet has frayed around the edges living in an unfocused reality. Bringing Heaven into focus is equally dangerous because those who took it fear for their lives but understand that they can no longer stop the emergence of the trurh.


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