Who are Iranians….

A good part of my life was spent running away from my heritage out of fear and embarrassment. I came to the United States at the age of 15 because of a revolution in my country. My parents owe their lives to Anwar Sadat….I was in school in England when things got out if hand and the Iranian Embassy was raided by radical islamists…..at the time my parents were stationed in Mardi Egypt. We had lived there for 4 yeats…4 wonderful years that changed all of our lives.  Most of my friends on my Facebook page are former students from Cairo American College.  I have traveled throughout Egypt extensively….how can you not be impressed by a history like that. However my favorite part was probably summer evenings with the sound of crickets and frogs from the nearby canal.

Shortly after I came here the hostage taking crisis in Iran occured and suddenly Iranians were looked upon as a backwards society based on the news coverage and the mullahs and woman covered head to toe in black. People used to say to me….you should feel lucky to be here enjoying freedom in America. They had no idea that this Iran covered in the news was not one that we understood either. We had lived in a beautiful country with freedom in nice neighborhoods. Luckily beyond a little ignorance spurned on by a lack of travel Noone seemed to bother us here….Americans were kind, helpful, friendly and we learned to find our lives again and blend in and move on. I can never claim that I have ever faced bigotry in this land.

Recently I became a victim of israel in America and learned that this country has a duality Noone but a handful understand. I have gone head to head with them and I have something to share with all of you….something shocking….something beautiful…something that will change your lives forever. Something that will soon be released for the world and allow for it to heal. Our world has been sold a bill of goods for centuries using religious intolerance for the purposes of human control. The history of this planet is not what you have been taught.

I am not here to sell anything….the truth if it exists….always belonged to humanity and is about to be returned. I cannot take my experiences and fit them over you like a glove….but I can give you things that hopefully are amazing enough to facilitate thought and validation.

Genetic studies show us that Iranians and Italians are the same people. Not only have you not just lived once but you have more than likely lived in many continents all over the world. Human history has a link to ancient Egypt where people who are now known as Iranians once ruled….from there we moved to Greece…..then to Rome….then to Syria and then parts of Europe. Iranians are a unique blend of misplaced people who were separated from the larger social group that always surrounded them ….that social group is now here in the United States. An interesting example is Berus Parsian….he was once a Germanic Emperor of Rome….today he resides in Germany….he has no idea that he is drawn towards his most dominant genetic roots.

Both on my mother’s side and fathers side I have a large family base in Paris. I have come to learn that the Razmara family once ruled Burgundy France….we were the kings of Lyons. The Razmara family was also the ruling Family of ancient Rome….Pompeii was our home town and named after us.

Soon I will publish 11 books totalling 8000 pages but I want to share with Iranians that portion of human history that is theirs. I want to show up members of the Pahlavi Family like you have never seen them before….nor have they. So first I am going to give you this blog….and in a few hours the remainder will be posted.  


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