The Skull of Mary Magdalena…

Everyday brings a new finding on facebook that reveals missing parts of a vital truth. Today Ness was an article associated with Mary Magdalena and artifacts associated with her in the south of France. I rolled my eyes and decided to look it up…surely it can’t hurt. The south if France notion has been part of a large conspiracy as far as I was concerned….Mary and the apostles fled Judea for Egypt where the coptic church of Egypt later formed around their story and I have found some remarkable paintings of myself and Jesus that Noone knows are part of a very small collection of real images. 

As the article above indicates they venerate the skull and worship it openly inside the church. When not inside the church the skull is covered by a golden mask created from its forensic reconstruction.

Israel has threatened to use ISIS to burn that church down and remove the evidence so my DNA could never be compared to it.


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