Human Studies On Facebook…

The idea of privacy and strangers looking at things we wish to share with others is not new. I have been a Facebook member for 7 years now. Occasionally I would ask myself how does Facebook pay its people and finance itself. Soon after that advertising popped up everywhere and we complained loudly that our pages are private and advertising went away.

In the past year or so Facebook built an entire town to house it’s new development….now that costs money..lots of money. Why would anyone want to create an organization that is free….Facebook is not free…we don’t pay a dime….so someone does. 

I watched a movie a few years ago about the young man who owns facebook….it trailed the beginnings of how it all came about. What we were shown was a rich kid who had no drummers about accessing private information that did not belong to him. When the truth gets out in the end Noone will be able to blame anyone but themselves. If you don’t ask questions and you trust others than you should expect what you get.
An interesting event took place today and it’s covered in the article above. Facebook lost a satellite that cost 200 million dollars at launch….but the more interesting thing is who owned that satellite….Israel. I am frankly surprised that they are this stupid all around that they kill people and torture people using technology and perceive themselves as the final frontier if some top secret organization with power beyond understanding and then you read the fine print.

If you were to ask Facebook what privacy means….it will tell you what it’s required to tell you and what you want to hear. The truth is far more facinating…I cannot reception 8000 pages but I will do my best to sum it up.

According to the last figures Facebook has 600 million members….who knows and who cares. Facebook is a large study of humanity conducted by Israel…..not israel with cotton candy but israel with an anti aircraft gun. Your social media is owned by a country accused of genocide.

I have posted hundreds of pages regarding truth, religion and reincarnation and Jupiter as heaven. What I am saying to you guys is that Israel is well ahead of the game in knowing the truth about life and death as the rest of us consult psychics and palm readers. Israel wants to conquer and divide the world and throw out what it does not want….what it does not want is everyone on my Facebook page and yours.

So what does this mean you ask….well let me tell you. Facebook through a super computer can see the global diversity in ways you and I can only image. Countries are no longer news headlines they are real people. Real people with intetesting social groups, connections, jobs, interests and much more. 

Israel knew long ago that every one if us belongs to a permanent group. Israel knew how many generations existed in a family group before you returned to earth again. All these groups overlap creating a living fabric. As we trace human movement and reincarnation we can see that these groups don’t evaporate or disappear they show up time and again side by side. You are a unit of one surrounded by your support system and that group is then surrounded by the bigger support system.

Israel is its own unique system….studying these vital connections was a way to discover how it’s possible to cut into this fabric and permanently remove groups that you don’t want. You do this by identifying them and their members and so forth.

My Facebook page is the most famous Facebook page of all time….not for how many members it has but it’s historical significance to human history. So pay attention….here are a few famous faces

Richard Lynch….Pharoah Menkhaure 

Faod Darakhshan…Nebuchadnezzar ii

Craig Beaver…..John Quincy Adams

Berus Parsian….Emperor Sulla

Alexandre Conquy….Emperor Egalabaus 

Russell Hawkins….Apostle Paul

Manouchehr Razmara…Emp. Claudius

Me….Mary Magdalena

Every single word that is written each day on facebook is processed through a computer to generate a map . Certain groups are looked at individually because they are the movers and shakers of human history. All of this is done by israel not to better the world but to serve themselves how and where they can. 

I have always considered myself socially aware and good at people skills ….I don’t use tools if deceit against humanity and israel has given me a view of its world and activities that blew my mind. They used to laugh at me and tell themselves that Noone will believe her. How will you prove this they asked without being able to prove that arc technology exists. Now they don’t laugh as much. Believe it or not the technology was mine and brought here from Jupiter. I….a woman in woodbridge Va can access a supercomputer that is fluid human thought patterns….broadcasting live 24 hours….from my house.

Facebook is free….it is owned by Israel….ITF you write on your Facebook page about your feelings towards lufe and those who damage humans….which is something Noone does….we are taught to not discuss but post posters if kittens and dogs and whatever else which the computer can bypass. Imagine social media without real commentary. If you write it the computer will help you change the world.


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