How Israel Mutates

Most countries are a location identified by something most people don’t pay attention too. You have grown up on this planet it’s time to give yourself a little forced perspective to see your world incrementally differently…..your life depends on it.

When you see something everyday it becomes static and ordinary in your eyes.our minds are selective seekers of data when we require them. Each human depending on their circumstances is looking for answers pertaining to that which the need, require, fear, and have interest in. Most people I meet are not keen political intellectualls…..politics is in their periphery. We all know that certain pockets of violence exist in the world and we have a vague idea of who and what is involved. It’s vague because our lives don’t border on it, it does not currently effect us, we see it as a location and a situation unrelated to our current status.

What is a country….it is a place with people….a dominant language, currency and a border. Inside that border exist a group of people who have always existed side by side and they share a genetic commonality from which arises an ideology that sets them apart from their neighboring countries. When things have borders between them it means you are not welcome, don’t belong here and have very little in common with us, otherwise  this planet would be one large happy social group that it is not.

Those things that set us apart have some physical values…when we look different it tells us that we are different….there are values that can never be changed through education or communication unless cultures choose to merge over time. There has to be a desire to merge, a need to merge before people are willing to try something new. Giving bags of rice to poor people eliminates certain issues only for a short time, they tend to return to their old ways. Change comes from within and requires consistency until it writes itself into your genetic code. So genetic code……is a written understanding accumulated over time based on needs.

These genie differences create variations so unusual in how certain groups identify themselves and build that thing we call a country…..the headquarters….home office.

The United states began as a patchwork quilt of runaways who came to these shores to get away. What they don’t know is that we really were and are a social group that always was plus or minus a few who get stuck somewhere else. We are the original people of Greece…we are those Romans and now we are Americans. We are the people of Judea and Galilee…..we are the friends, family and neighbors if a man was known as Jesus……his real name was Simon.

As I write this we all gape in horror sort of as we realize that history shapes itself sometimes as you ponder the facts. This social group called the United States of America known by different names at different times in human history has had one major recurring issue….and that issue seems to be slowly building again.

This growing point of contention was always a Jewish uprising and pandemics created using technology. Jews according to themselves have a very low tolerance level for feelings that come from anyone usurping them as the controllers of money and order……anytime it happens they lash back with fury dismantling the entire planet.

Right now we are in just that situation again. The Jews wanted the new world for themselves according to them…people arrived on these shores and for a while things seemed to work. Like any new project management assignment it was a fresh start, a new land, new opportunities but it all went bad and in the past 2 decades israel has come under scrutiny again…..these people living next to us are looking at us again….our financial fraud is turning on us and our guilt about crimes they have not yet found are scaring us. So once again we pull out the arc and roll the dice….well there is nowhere left to run and hide other than the moon or Siberia. Since we cannot move and we have invested in these lands the recourse is we break up other nations. The turmoil will keep everyone busy until a situation avails itself and an empty room in an attic is found.

Israel is an unusual country where it’s really not one location but many. There is south Africa an older israel from which people where brought to the new world as slaves…..there is Russia….it did not work out well….there was so much racial diversity that once they tampered it backfired…..there is Israel that once belonged to Palastine….well it was Judea long ago….so we went back and ripped it out if their fingers…..and yes we are a rather large Israel on the eastern shore of America…..and things are so bad in Tel Aviv that we are thinking that perhaps with a little racial innovation and turmoil we can relocate enough population from east to west so that 8 million Jews from israel can move in. This is really probably the better choice because it will increase our numbers and give us more political clout which as usual we will damage by doing something stupid.


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