A Jew and His Shoe….a Modern Day Tale of Greed and Hate….

Last night after I found and verified an article about the remains of Mary Magdalena….a Jew decided to scream at me at bed time and here is the story he told ….which I will tell as close to proximity as his words…

He talked about being in Paris and going shopping, the feeling and power derived from being rich. He went to a very expensive shoe store where a single shoe cost hundreds. He pointed to the clerk and said give me one of each of these. He took them home, admired , them put them on and walked in them and felt great knowing he could afford to have anything he wanted.

The next time he went shopping he saw a poor man a beggar if sorts looking in the window at the shoes. To pump up his ego he purchased a pair for this stranger and asked him to put them on. The man was so excited that he slipped and fell outside marring the shoe in some manner. The jew got angry and enraged, slapped the man and said…I bought you a pair if shoes and look what you did. This was my bed time story from Israel.


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