Worshiping others….perspective in heaven…placing yourself in the shoes of others….

Today I had a little shock of sorts. I had been looking for a relative that I had lost touch with for years when I recieved a text message through Facebook. I few weeks ago I found her sister and brother on facebook…they took my friend request but they made no statements….even saying hello.

Their family and mine had been close ….we considered each other blood and her father was called uncle by me and vice versa. Sadly some issue came between my parents and hers and nothing was said after that. Her dad died suddenly 24 years ago and we all lost touch. There were several reasons that I wanted to speak to her, obviously we were cousins and friends but when her father died I had a strange experience that I wanted to share with her and also give her what I had found in my recent archeological searches. 

A few days ago I posted several ancient paintings that I had found of her and her father. When I am looking at art work I always mount the work next to a similar photo so I can inspect the relationship. I had found a photo of her online because she is a published author. Anyhow the response I got today was scathing and rude and bizarre…I sent her packing.

As I thought about human interactions on earth, reasons people cut into each other and destroy each other to release some idea, some anger, some misunderstanding incurred. We are truly strange creatures in how we form our ideas,and habitat. I know that not all differences will be settled, not even in heaven. Humans are flesh and blood and ressurection does not mean a clean slate….it means an opportunity, a perspective from another location under different circumstances where thought patterns are radically different,vwhere technology allows humans to share thoughts and ideas in such personal manner that you can literally walk in another’s shoe to see through their eyes and use their sensory organs to better understand how they reached their final.conclusion.

Someone one who was vilified on earth such as Adolf Hitler can actually allow others to share his experiences and memories so they can gain another insight into events that turned him into a monster on earth.arc technology was once used as a tool of resolution on earth and someday will be again. But humans are still humans and they have a freedom of choice….not every poor impression can be resolved….some may take time and others require reincarnation to soften the blow of ages.

I am Mary Magdalena but I am a human and I too am selective about my friendships….not everyone likes me and adores me and I cannot embrace everyone on a personal level….intellectually I can. Israel had warned me that when the books are written and published a deluge may occur beyond my understanding. That humans who are willing to show up on your doorstep unannounced are rarely ones you can cope with or handle….they are there with a demand or a score they want to settle.

So all of this brought me to the idea of worship….the whole shebang of placing stranger you have never met on a pedestal for idealization. I understand ritual….the indulging in activity that seems to help some people stabilize their lives….routines that create comfort…drinking tea everyday at 5 o’clock, walking after dinner, watching the news at 7.

Israel has validated Jesus and Mary on earth yet I wonder how people would react to us in person…would they be disappointed, glad, sad, scared? We are humans in the flesh we are not the creators of religion….we are not money collectors, promising things that don’t exist. Jesus and Mary are divorced, they don’t like each other and don’t speak with one another….they have both lived lives that have had ups and downs. Atleast one of us is aware of what all of this is about and has been Israel’s poor experiment that went wrong and out of control. I have been posting on facebook for months looking to see who’s reading this and what they might respond….most of you have shut down in silence. The truth is the truth and a few of you have been given material to help hydrate you into reality.


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