What goes in your Body….

While you are alive and here you have one body….some call the body a temple. Clearly time takes a toll but with care we are also able to suppress or revitalize the aging process like some of you have been doing with push-ups lately.

Food….we love it….but up until now few of us have worried about where we get our food and medication and what may be in it. This nation spends billions on national security and I sometimes wonder if that money is paid to a few in expensive suits who congratulate each other and ignore the obvious.

There are several fast food places near my home that have been a longterm disaster sight. I was at McDonalds several days ago and I ordered an ice cream cone with my food. As I waited by the window my food became their toy. The person handling the cone tried to smear a Co worker in the face and missed…then he gave me my sloppy cone in his bare hands with no paper towels to go with it. I just about exploded. I would have said something but Noone there speaks English worthy of a conversation.

I drove home seething. But little things like this make you think. Food at a fast food chain is not a game…it is nutrition of some type that will be consumed by a human and that food which is being sold has to meet FDA guidlines. However the people who handle our food tend to be the lowest common denominator you can find. At this point even personal cleanliness has escaped the list of requirements. Fast food is everywhere and I am just throwing a number into the air that on any given day a quarter of the American population will pass through a fast food window. That’s almost 100 million people. 

I was discussing new methods of terrorism with someone the other day, that someday soon war will include tactics like taking servers offline…shutting down utility companies so millions go without electricity in the winter but food is also on that list. Food sabotage can be a local chain feeding poison to people or contamination of shipments of food to a large chain. Food and food handling is a serious issue.

Several years ago I bought my favorite brand of Indian rice…Basmati rice from india. I love rice and I have a rice cooker. My parents cooked rice so I follow my mother’s example, I was the rice in water and allow it to soak removing all the dirt and extra starch. I made a batch of rice on day and left a cup inside the cooker and forgot…..days later my kitchen was covered in little flying creatures. I looked everywhere to determine where they were coming from and realized I left the rice cooker with something in it. When I opened the lid to the cooker I was sick to my stomach. 

I wrote the FDA …and the disease centers a letter. How did this product get imported without testing. How is it possible to cook a product and have it yield creatures that hatched from eggs that were not destroyed by cooking temperatures. West Nile virus and Zika are fast growing within this country. If my one cup of Indian rice can yield this mess….can you imagine what happens when just a few people poop outside who have just consumed the world’s most popular food item. I sent a letter to Basmati also but none of the recipients ever acknowledged anything. Your food is your life and your concern….it’s not enough to read the label.

Now we will address medication, enocullations, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.this is a scarier topic and very real . When you investigate who owns these companies….it all points towards Jews and israel almost exclusively. Who should own companies who manufacturer these items….how many average humans even understand what is involved in creating and manufacturing these items. We place our trust in others. Your doctor went to med school…he too places his trust in others. In my opinion all companies that manufacture these items have to be nationalized and may not be owned by one racial group. 

Look at all the over the counter medications available today…it has become a little less but walking down all the isles show you how easy it is to touch, open and contaminate products. 

Keeping a country safe…starts inside. When you can account for what is in here then you can worry about what is out there. Terrorism is infiltration and all around you are things people use every day that can be used for that purpose.


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