Vile things that they say…..

Very few people if any are willing to discuss voice hearing….it is a situation so bizarre that anything that you share creates a feeling of fear and animosity between you and others. Being a voice hearer means being sick, tired, scared, terrified and shunned by society as you try to figure out why this is happening to you. 

A few months ago I began posting my blog on my personal Facebook page and even though Noone blocked me or fled they stopped making any comments on my posts….total silence took over. Luckily I am a student if human psychology so I understand that things that scare people distance them for safety. Even the voices who scream at me comment on what they see and sense through my eyes as they try to validate their own acts of terror on these lands.

I began to post when they threatened my life and I thought that inspite of total failure by law enforcement to take these new types of terrorism seriously I would place them on my social media page to has a catalog of events and to allow others to feel the truth through me. You cannot wrote 8000 pages and make up bullshit everyday….lies compound and create their own syndrome. If there is a truth then it must be addressed at all cost….and today some really vile comments were made and I had to ask myself… I want to post this….will they get angry….do I care….I have fought for my life in ways they don’t understand for 6 years and someday they will be going through this….I will continue this journey until the world understands that millions are killed and brutalized by israel and india over centuries old dilemmas. You wonder why religion has such a strong hold in parts of the world turning entire countries into zones of hatred. 


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