Mexico’s President Declines Trump’s Invitation….

It appears that the relationship between Mexico and the United states is already in jeprody even before the election. In a new clip this morning their president declined to meet with Donald Trump to discuss immigration. 

I think we are headed to a new type of inclusive political thinking for the future where building walls and putting wire fences will become the trend. Do I really care….not really….things are so bad the average human has no clue how wars are instigated within borders using technology. That governments rather medicate you with ADHD and mental illness rather than tell you that you are suffering because of political disagreements and lies.]

I don’t give a damn what color someone is…after all we are all from somewhere….but I do make judgements when the facts pile up. There are close to 50 million illegals in this country and they are not a cooperative group. The whole idea of coming to the United states was to belong to a wider group…the ideology of equality,democracy and freedom were a part of that package. I came here in 1979 and my family had to go through a process of screening….we were not poor…under educated and we all spoke fluent english…but we were required to go through a process. These people are piling up and coagulation on street corners and now we are required to speak Spanish. We have become a third world trash depository system that in 36 years has changed all of our lives and futures.

So clearly non communication is the way of the future…I am a Trump supporter and I live his passion for what he has undertaken. This country has made a right turn and will continue to until we figure out who we are and where we are going…and poverty and deprivation is not our agenda.

The president if Mexico should start planning some cheap housing rapidly and figure out how he will reabsirb 50 million angry people in a few years. Enough is enough.


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