How Arc Technology kills Using Voices…

I am sitting outside in my garden and the voices continue around me. 8000 pages later I am probably the world’s best knowledge on voice hearing. The hardest thing is to stop talking to the voices and you fight them off, try to ignore them but they try different methods to force you into conversation and conversation can be deadly.

When voice hearing starts for a new victim they have no idea what is happening to them. They respond to a voice speaking to them in the same manner that they would respond in life to a person standing in front of them…by which time it’s too late.

The first episode of voice hearing leads to psychosis which leads people to say and do strange things since their brain has been overwhelmed by signals. While some people behave strangely others are terrified and lash out in violence taking age old taboos into consideration that this could be aliens or demons or malevolent spirits.

Voice hearing is a cycle of abuse where you are pulled into conversation so someone can aim something at your body and mind to destroy you, take information and destroy your life. Like any encounter depending on your own intelligence and ability to remain calm, seek knowledge and advice including using your own intuition you gain a better understanding.

Unfortunately when we come to know what something is and realize that this is an earthly reality not an abduction scenerio you become less inclined to fear your adversary and more inclined to take them on. I have been a victim for over 6 years and I too have been through a cycle of ups and downs and close encounters with death. When fear set in I pulled away and when I pulled away they settled down…which led to me opening my mouth to speak again.

When you speak using this technology you are located and identified. Speech has a direction and an intention. You face someone when you speak to them. Talking to a voice means you are accepting an invite and your brain is then accessed by frequency to stimulate emotions that result in speech and your brain is rewarded for speech by frequency boosting and elevating your mood so you feel superior. 

As the cycles continue you get injured physically and emotionally until you are in a cycle of decline…mentally, spiritually and financially shunned by the world. Each time you pull away you are saving your life but they toy with you and use all of your daily issues to rustle you up into a conversation.sooner or later you fall into that trap and each cycle could be your last.

One of the voices commented that they too are rewarded by the machine for talking in a different way. We could speak to people but that is boring he said. He then went on to describe the first feelings you get from screaming and abuse leveraged at a person who does not understand and cannot flee a situation. He felt superior…he felt good…it was like a drug.

When I have a good day they become sullen…if I am in pain they feel my pain which initially delights them but since I don’t die over time that sensation damages them. What began as one calm voice speaking to me has become a room full on different shifts. Now it’s all abuse, screams, threats and sexually abuse language.

Voice hearing is 24 hours aday….the program is wherever you are….there is no escape. You can only escape inside yourself or apply yourself in ways to educate others and share with them hoping that the greatest terrorist act on earth against humanity will be stopped and india and israel will be dealt with.


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