Ancient Walls…..

Earlier today I posted about the unpleasant rises exchanged between Donald a Trump and the president of Mexico and I think the topic of walls should be an intetesting idea to explore for those of you reading this.

I was surprised to see how many expansive ancient walls have been built in human history with far less technology than we have at hand in terms of machinery. Some of these walls are astounding to behold and they were not built for tourism but clearly migrations and border control had to occured in some fashion. Imagine no border control…imagine millions of people randomly moving in an direction they want to set up household and residency. 

Today we use cars, planes and trains….they used horses, camels and feet. Those who built the walls knew that migration usually meant bringing all of your worldly possessions which back then included, horses, cows, sheep and all sorts of domesticated animals. The existence if a wall was enough to contain most humans…other than those who were willing to leave all behind and use their feet.


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