What Israel supposedly wanted India to achieve while studying me…..

According to israel and that takes a major eyeroll…..they hired a team to study me by listening and gathering information about my life….that’s pretty tawdry but they have more sterile words about this debauchery. According to them since they are peddlers of religion in every size and color….the point was to place these two characters from two different lifetimes side by side to see how they coincided….what did they share in common…what did they not….and if ourselves if you believe israel this is an intellectual endeavor to gain insight into human behavior from every angle. 

Now they did not hire people from Yale iron Harvard or even anyone raised in the Jewish tradition….they hired several indian transsexuals that came from families in India who also fleeced oeople using arc rechnology…..in the old days they called them seers. Now having gotten to know this sleazy bunch…..they all have prison records….they have been drug mules….and they currently manage drug transportation between india…south America and the United states.

Israel claims that the point was to allow me to live my life as normally as possible…so the study could be valid and useful. That’s why my ex husband became a voice hearer and had to be hospitalized….my mother was medicated because she heard voices, my aunt her voices, my next door neighbor sold her home and fled when she began to hear voices….and the list goes on. Israel calls this human studies….then they whine about what Hitler did to the Jews in concentration camps.

They found it intetesting that I had no knowledge or clue about past life experiences…..that my avocation at the time that they found me was a human doing things totally unrelated to religion….that I had no religious inclination what so ever. However a man I fell in love with died and I began a journey online to understand and evaluate the worth of paranormal studies.i was grieving and I need to be consoled and to find some peace of mind. They were interested in how this journey of loss and grief might somehow intersect the person that I had once been Mary Magdalena. 

Of course the entire paranormal field is a hoax run by israel and india to fleece people, control people and create control mechanisms that they ace inside society for the very purpose of control. The entire thing was bogus from start to finish…..I was being watched when I fell in love after my divorce and they killed my lover.  I was told again and again that those who did this fleecing wanted to destroy Gary so that one of them could oneday marry me and enjoy the benefits in a place called heaven….as strange as this might seem. Months from now you will discover that heaven is a real place….not an imaginary place, not a place where spirits dwell…Heaven was and is Jupiter.

In my next blog posting we are going to disciples the biggest terrorist act on this planet…perpetrated by Israel and India.


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