The Biggest Terrorist act on Earth….

Terrorism as I have known it has sort of developed and grown in several decades. Most of us remember the PLO….then there were airplane highjackings….and terrorism has mutated and developed from there into a designer nightmare called ISIS that seems to show up in different places to kill and dismember society.

Perspective on any issue really gives us the real picture….an average human shuns and avoids these types of activities…..we read about them…ponder why people do these things and our best assessment is poverty, lack of freedom and peculiar grass roots organizations with heavy agenda. We just shrug and mentally walk away….saying to ourselves….well I’m safe in America this is the last bastion of democracy and freedom. A typical remark but frankly not a well informed remark.

A large nation of 360 million with a huge racial diversity, a massive border shared with others and borders that face oceans is a heck of a job to protect even without terrorism. And then within this huge diversity there are all sorts of elements that cross and divide humans into different sub catagories. According to israel and india they are not politically or racially motivated….we want our lands back they say. When you are a member of a race,a religion or a country you are a political statement of your own. In other words they lie. 

Let’s revisit American history and compare your knowledge….knowledge that was created, blended, purified and sterilized for your enjoyment. I have grown up here….I went to high school in Maryland. I have spent all my adult life in this country since the age of 15. I am pretty sure that you learned what I learned….and what we were taught was not a conception of our history teacher, the school faculty or its administration but by the governing board of education which decides and selects appropriate material for educational purposes.

According to what we were taught Christopher Columbus discoveted the new world….this land had a population of indigenous people that were rather diverse. The first settlers on these shores were known as pilgrims that came here from Europe and staked their lands. According to American history the first version or volume of America was a group of scattered states that actually warned between themselves as they tried to establish separate European states. That version may have some truth if very little. And American history is stamped with racial violence steaming from slavery…..that too has a version that might open your eyes even wider.

I have written at length about the real version of history so you can check it out on my website… the version of history that we were taught bypasses the truth and existing documents….book burnings were fashionable long ago and israel managed to occupy these shores and falsify history to its own advantage….the documents exist. We will see how public opinion changes towards israel when everyone realizes that their personal history is not what it appears.

The constitution of the United states is really a paper back cover of a missing book….there are two countries occupying these lands and they are in cinflict.


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