Jews in Singapore…..

This was news to me but I did a little checking. India began to scream that there is another little israel being formed…..and that this israel is in singapore…..,7340,L-4648595,00.html
Then a jew came on the microphone and began to yell at me….that Jews are unable to communicate with other white communities. He made a rude joke about it….the value of a grand… in America it’s a $1000, in singapore it a $1. That means I give you one dollar and then I keep the rest. We will build and buy their businesses and then one day they will wake up and be working for us….they will be poorer than ever. They seem to like us he said….they think we are special and that we are going to give them a new look. We like pushing them around and they seem to enjoy that. An indian voice adds that yes they prefer having sex with little boys and girls ….Asians are small in build and have that kind of a feel.

Then I spoke to the Indian voices about Israel’s history of relocation due to dislike by people they damage. I said this is no different than what big religion did in the United states for decades….they collected money for Jesus until it got old….when the money dried up they left town with their circus act to South America where they do the same shit. 

Jews sell religion and fake prosperity….and they are the same type. I doubt that Asia will ever be a permanent home…..simply a place to be until history shifts and turns to provide a space.


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