Israel’s screams at india as it unravels…..

The rule of the screaming at victims is to belittle, run down and tire the enemy until they fail, get sick and die. Israel hires thousands of Indians who are bred and raised all of their lives living on this or osram until it becomes a part of their sensory understanding like your taste buds. For most of the victims this is experienced as a paranormal horror show where disembodied voices chase you everywhere and damage your body and mind with external force derived from electricity being able to convey commands…..commands that can kill over time because you body runs in electricity and their attempts are to usurp your efforts to lead a natural, normal life. Electronic harassment eventually cause sleep deprivation, failure to focus which cause failure in all aspects of life. The screams and commands that run you down cause your heart valves to fail…..they feel that this method of hiring to kill will never be detected and will eventually allow them to control important people or destroy them to leverage themselves.

Israel feels that their hire to kill teams are the best but I have been their most demanding client….I figured it out…I ran them down…I wrote about them…I gave the information to as many qualified people as I could…I took control of the arc programming to set America back on course…come he’ll or high water.

My favorite parts of the past 6 years are when indians fail….they yell and scream for their boss and complain that they cannot kill or over ride me. Everyday we have screaming matches which are now bottoming out at a few words from me to them that I shall not write here. Sometimes india seems to want to turn sides….today we came to a final conclusion as to what ails india. In reality they want to be aryans…they want to be white and fit in the white world. They are the underlings of a cruel sectarian society….for millions of years they have been raised and forced into severe caste systems…..this has programmed them to fail in the bigger univetse…..they can see what they want but they cannot attain it. What comes natural to us simply is not a reality for them. Our world issues today are caused by indias population and rage exceeding it’s own limitations that is forcing them upon us with great Islamic fervor and religious rage.

India was told that trying to be what you are not does not work in any scale…that they have a personal and national identity that is falling apart. Each time that they agree to what has been said they point the fingers of blame removing personal responsibility from their doings. According to them the world is conspiring to take their lands, resources and push them aside. They too have an idea that Jews may have been responsible for genetic engineering long ago creating races on earth for reasons that they prefer keeping secret. India was so well engineered and raised that trying to penetrate that circumference of understanding is impossible. After 6 years of non stop chatter it has been determined that everything that holds us back as cultures that embraced freedom is being sacked dry by races that were created to serve….breed and never create their own intellectual power base.

Today I can see that Israel has finally lost its control. I warned them years ago that eventually either israel or india would annihilate the other. India has the population force and israel has the arms control at this point. Israel is falling and failing rapidly itself…it was once announced as the political peace keeper between east and west until it betrayed the west by selling arms and negotiating with lunatics in the east.the power that once was israel is now Benny Netanyahu in a cheap blue suit and an ugly tie which matches that ugly flag begging for a dime.

When the world finally wraps it’s head around the fact that Israel plays mind games with the world using india…that schizophrenia is caused by a broadcast that has special attributes so only those intended are forced to hear it day and night until they die…israel and india will be bombed until they don’t exist.

The argument this morning was all about the human experiment that Israel conducts on the sly….they use the arc in a manner that has rendered this crime undetected for centuries. India was told never to use the machine to speak to people….never use the machine during day light hours…never lie because the machine is a fluid stream of thought that absorbs all content from all directions to form an opinion. As they saw it the point of the experiment was to study humanity, study racial groups and certain noteworthy individuals. The total of the gathered scientific material not only describes these groups but shows us how they interact with others. The data can be used to formulate ways to subdue, reject and destroy humans using attributes of arc technology. India convinced israel that Noone would ever figure this out in human history let alone point to the individuals involved. When india got overly involved with me 6 years ago they were told to get rid of me….they gave suppositions to israel as to how long this would take and that time allocation ran out. During that time I said and did things to expose them for what they are.


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