Assessment of today’s dream….

I woke up this morning after a streamed dream……they placed me inside a bizarre work place that sold all sorts of services, design services, musical instruments, etc….the place was crawling with sales people and I was confused as to what I was supposed to be selling and to whom….how do I earn a living here. There were people wearing clothing that did not make sense. One woman was wearing a thin plastic dress that at one point did not pull down exposing her rear end….she was naked under red see through plastic, yet there were others that seemed dressed normally.

Once awake the dissertations began….I tried not responding but at some point I put in my two cents. It appears that Jews have many gripes about other white races and everything imbetween. The excerpt put together in the dream was not a work place on this planet but somewhere where Jews came from.

What Jews wanted on this planet was complete financial control from jobs to financing. They are angry that more and more people are exiting the work force because they are discovering that working for others is not a rewarding experience. That large corporations have created a system that never delivers the financial rewards as promised.our races are not willing to be pushed around, we expect to enter the job force with a clear written understanding of our position and it’s payscale…..we don’t expect to be told that under Virginia state law an employee can be fired at anytime without an explanation when we are expected to provide our employer with certain data and agreements ahead of time…..such as a desire to leave our jobs…or vacation arrangments.

One of the Indian voices then asked his Jewish boss why the people were wearing unacceptable see through plastic clothing. Here is the response…..where Jews came from no jobs provided a salary….a human wanting to earn money was placed in a situation to see if they had what it took to survive crawling amongst hundreds doing the same thing. Poverty was so bad that many wanting jobs did not have clothes to wear….they were given demeaning plastic clothes. He then went on to describe similar employment opportunities in the United states….places where people are hired to work for little or nothing….places where commission rules over a regular paycheck…places where masses are hired and allowed to illuminate themselves.

Jews used the arc technology in this country to find, recruit and steal intellectual property as opposed to allowing good education and job opportunities to exist. They used the same format in Russia to find young children with special abilities and groom them for becoming the best at something under great control. They did this with atheletes…many if whom fled to other countries when traveling on competition. They held families of those who fled under force not allowing them to migrate.

Jews wanted a male ordered society where men ran businesses and women had limited opportunitoes.


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