Sectarian Societies versus None Sectarian Societies…

This is really a new way of looking at things that removes the current racial perceived imbalance and replaces it with a new dysfunction globally.

Understanding humans individually and in groups and racial units is how we try to derive some sense of what goes on here on this planet daily. The stock market for casts but there are systems to forecast social movements….predicting them…causing them and then riding them like a wave. As israel puts it these upheavals allow us to reposition ourselves.

Greeks….Romans…Vikings…..we are groups that have joined our forces and found pleasure in creating permanence and free thinking societies. We are empire builders that prefer to start with a base and slowly absorb and include. We think diversity is intetesting and brings a nice mixture to the table. However empires are no longer found on earth as appealing as they were and are….they may be the way of the future as things begin to shift again. 

Jews….indians…philestines….asians….Asians real all examples of types of sectarian organizations they may look like us but deep down millions of years of deployment in a given way of thought has made it hard to relinquish that desire to control and catagorize. Who you are today is not a result of just one lifetime…..when israel locates and identifies personalities from the past they are observed for decades and subjected to testing to see how they stack up to their historical significance….what creates human personality and substance. So inspite of your realizations your viewpoints run far deeper than you understand. If human understanding is a product of repetitive comings and goings then it’s obvious that removing negative behavior or exclusionary behavior becomes very difficult in global interactions. Literally an event can create a sudden lurch within groups who rise to the occasion when they had been dormant for a while.

To my best understanding sectarian groups are a result of horrific population numbers and control methods that use technology to determine who and what is allowed to mix with others creating caste systems that force humans to serve their populations at a certain level never to be exceeded.this creates the insect in a hive feeling. Religion was created and administered through for cable technology to infuse ideas and believes by tampering with the brain using frequency. Frequency can change the rate of sexual interiors it can create abject uphoria, it can create lucid dreaming or hallucinations that merge with reality to create a background wallpaper to appease humans who are emotionally and physically starved.

The sectarian societies determine and keep their leaders as a consistent front. The leaders are always the same people….the same families who have learned through time to keep their position and affluence by enforcing it any which way they can. In a sectarian society you are told what to do and when to do it….there are no alternatives. 

Even within sectarian societies there is decent…..Indians are similar but different from Jews and asians. Control has been so devised that people simply fail to function in these societies without being led from here to there in some manner.

It will be a new chapter in human history soon when some Caucasians wake up and realize that what is at stake is really western free thinking….I have been told over and over again to go to hell and not return to this planet because our ways conflict with their ways and cause disruption and low self esteem.


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