Last night….This Morning…

Today I am in a really bad mood….I have had one hour of sleep and lots of pain medication to get me through several hours of horrific agony in my face. I sat outside on the deck yesterday and I was hit in the head with electricity. A favorite means of damaging and killing people using arc technology is hitting them in the head and chest with electricity. Your body is filled with cartilage not only to assist your joints with movement but there is cartilage in areas of your body to deflect electricity….such as your sternum.heart attacks that are sudden and perhaps not related to obesity or over consumption are a result of humans being subjected to electricity.

The human head is another favorite because using mind control programing a human can be forced into states of mind beyond their control. The program can also hold onto major nerve endings such as the root of teeth in your mandible to cause pain beyond toleration.

I have been hit in the head so many times that I have learned how to survive this tactic. Every body function that I experience from a minor ache to a sneeze becomes immediate topic of conversation. What they are looking for in their victims is anything that borders on the negative….when you are at your worst they assign more people to the evening hours when you are trying to rest and sleep. The arc technology program only allows certain parameters to be used with care or limited use….they save these parameters for just those moments. So you are sick and in pain and surrounded by several voices….each taking one wall in you0r room and then they raise the volume of the noise so every nerve endings vibrates in your body. Israel hires Arabs and indians to scream obscenities at oeople…however the people assigned to you don’t change over time because they have come to know you and every aspect of your life….that makes abuse that much easier.

On rare occasions the Jews take the microphone  themselves….they prefer not too but in my case since I know and understand the technology and point of the assault they don’t care. Their voices are deeper and more individual than the soft mouse you voices of india….the Jews don’t want to be identified.

I laid in bed in horrible pain and I did not get any sleep until 8am. I said nothing to them as they went about their business. The business of screaming at people is about as boring as you can imagine…especially when the victim understands that this is technology not a demon. They repeat the same garbage over and over and then occasionally they say things that make you curl up in terror and revulsion realizing that this is real and not a bad dream. By day they are basically tagging along and commenting on anything you say and do…..if you don’t converse they say revolting things about you hoping that you will respond and get into a verbal discussion.

The majority of the comments are sexually repugnant and abusive….they talk about your genitals , your sexuality, they discuss every private body function that you have had in detail as if they don’t have bowl movements themselves. Some of these creatures have children of their own….children have been placed on the microphone to abuse me.


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