How to kill using electricity…..


This article was posted this morning and I think it should be if intetest to those who have a scientific inclination. Over 350 deer died yesterday due to a bit of lightning……that’s a lot of dead animals because of thunder and lightning in its natural form.  Electricity however is a natural elements readily and abundantly available in our universe and surrounding us. Anyone who has a biology background and a cellular biology background knows that all living things are suspended or animated by electricty…your body requires electricity to stay alive at a low increment however exposure to sudden bursts of electricity can do just the opposite for the cells that utilize electricity in your body….such as your heart muscles. 

Arc technology can utilize electricity to attack and destroy. I believe that this event a practice run of just that kind of technology. Recently our world has been in a deluge from refugees pouring through borders. Natural borders are hard to control…..some countries are installing wire fences but this could be the ultimate deterent.


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