The Decision to Remove life from Earth…..

Most difficult decision are made from processing information from different angles…..the more time and perspective the better the view….and that is not always possible. Earth as we see it through the angles of the news media is a place filled with issues that ebb and tide. The average human assumes that there is someone somewhere who specializes in saving problems so the rest of us can go to bed safely and have that political discussion at work tomorrow. The safety of discussing who and what is at fault without ever having to make that final decision. Is there a final decision….will there be a final decision….it’s fair to assume that given certain events there will be.

Three countries have been chosen for permanent removal and of course they all think that the decision is unfair and without cause. Israel believes that they create world leaders….and that they have led this planet in its development. They use the word CONTROL….that managing a large menagerie requires a heavy handed method….that in this process people are loss….feel abused…don’t get what they feel they deserve and many die young. That life is a brutal game where certain humans manage to find the inner strength to compete for power and the right to exert their will upon others….fair or not.for those of us including myself who are type A personalities this sounds like a place to be….a sort of mental movie but it is anything but what they want to believe. 

Control is an intetesting word depending on who is enunciation the damn word. Control is not a nice word and it means that we exert power to force people into our understanding…..israel calls this CONDITIONING…..using technology and induction and channeling human desire into an invisible pathway.i told them that mean, brutal, stupid people try to control others…..what you do is more like contrived than controlled. When things are under control people are not killing each other over a dime. They reminded me that when they came to this planet it was not under happy circumstances….Jews like Indians belong to a sectarian society which demands and exerts control. The two groups that we know as Hacidic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews belong to a much larger group that does not exist on earth….they left to come here to get away from those ideologies that did not satisfy their needs….suddenly they have become the perennial  bully on the block. 

India is a sectarian society vastly different but similar in some ways to that of the Jews. Indians have exerted cruelty and brutality on their own and they still do….India is a society where you can see and smell human survival at its worst. They too use arc technology to herd living creatures in a world riddled by fake gods and goddesses and seers  and fortune tellers. The fact that India exists is really a reality that opposes the facts of life. India is a place where humans want and desire to be controlled mentally and sexually and in ways too vile to mention.

Our planet and it’s people have become a living human experiment of the most horrific kind….an ongoing experiment that has been made available because if arc technology a broadcast that all of us are subject too with deadly results. A technology invisible which can be placed in every home…every boardroom and bedroom and so it has. When the truth comes out you will hunt these people down and kill them with any sharp.object you can find.

I am a decision maker….a woman….someone with a constant reassuring role in human history tied to arc technology…jupiter…Justice and the management of human life in this universe. Israel has found me and hates me but they realize that my decision can be final and binding and killing me which they have done many times will not stop me.

According to israel the early days on this planet are not memories that we can understand today. Several isolated groups of humans with no prior connection…no language compatibility especially and histories that had yet to build that first platform that allows us to see ourselves as members of a planet. The Jews claim that they arrived here well before any of the other white species…..their first connections may have been the people of india with whom they formed an understanding that has held up until today but may explode shortly. Their society were similar enough to form that bond….today this planet is a different place and israel is flanked by other white species but the age old melodrama continues as they are fed hatred by india.

Israel’s current status of unpopularity does not make for a pleasant situation at the thought of them be dragged and placed in the center of world scrutiny. Their relationship with india is now more about the secret technology and the illegal human experimentation. Israel is closer to us as a gene pool than any if us are to India and indias inability to rise to the occasion and participate in the world community without being a ball and chain is not happening and probably never will.


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