Pushing others away through the act of complication…

Israel had a chuckle tonight at my assertion that life is really a simple matter made complicated by those who desire to control. When we are young and being initiated in life everything seems to make sense. Our parents give us the required invocations of how to find, keep and and rise through a series of actions called life. It’s only much later that we discover that nothing is quite like it appears and that those who seek answers and desire order seem to encounter the greatest amount of resistance by lufe or those who are in charge of various systems and organizations in life. When I look at my Facebook page suddenly I realize that all of us are self employed…..we all set ourselves free from the bandage of others who made life toxic and compmicated.

Israel agrees that complication seems to be a destination that humans create to be able to control their future when they fear others gaining control . Comical ion creates excuses and excuses create more jobs that go nowhere. Complication is that shadow that follows us before suddenly we find ourselves in the woods with predators. There is that saying that all things that matter can be summed up in 25 words or less. In the midst of a world filled with smart phone applications and technology nothing seems to work when you push the damn button. Humans want to improve the quality of their lives but they are begining to shun technology because it does not simplify it only gives another stranger access to what is yours.


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