Genetic identity…..

Every living creatures is stamped by its creator with a genetic identity. That identity or combination of attributes may have been deliberate or may simply exist because that happens to be the combination that resulted….either way we are all part of a larger social group that carries certain markers that allows us to find each other, group together and enjoy the benefits of being able to do so. In nature there is always safety in numbers.

This identity marker has caused humanity to spin around and around in rage as we use it to point to others, blame others, exclude others or assume that their social gathering gs somehow push us aside or make us less than we are.i don’t feel or sense that I am part of a racial conspiracy but others assure me that bigotry and bias are real and I was lucky to be born white so I don’t understand that pressure. Political correctness aside I disagree that color forms an immediate racial barrier. Six years ago I became the victim of israel and india two nations I had no issues or gripes against. My social group is diverse and includes a full serving of everything on this planet. People who succeed view themselves as being special, of having something to contribute and don’t use racial mind benders. I judge people for content not color and I am tired of the whole racial nonsense. I will say that people don’t yet understand the science of using technology to create racial uprising to usurp events. In the past few months the United States has been filled with racial issues which are all contrived to lead to the real event….even smart people can be led to the trough if they don’t understand the means.

Anyhow genetic identity cannot be undone….literally life cannot exist without a banner determining what it is. The study of reincarnation shows us that racial diversity an mingling has been around far longer than we understand. Our singular lifetime is a very misleading measure of what life may be or may contain. You cannot ace humans in a blender or assume that one day we will all be milk chocolate. The real issue is far bigger than you understand.

India wants to claim bias on every level. They want to use technology and lies to reach a level that is acceptable to them. Well when someone screams bias the first thing I do is open the door and look inside their home and country… I dias filth, cruelty and Faire shows is that there is not a single ounce if care or consideration from them towards their own….so shut up. 

When blending occurs between races it is because there is a desire and a need. Blending of the races is not a simple matter of mating and impregnation. Blending occurs between those who see each other as equals and as being compatible and that takes millions of years of encounters and I’m bedding and understanding. Those races that get along in earth….got along, long before they set foot here. Noone can force anything to happen with a positive longterm result.


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