First it’s dirty then it’s life threatning….

This caption was derived from india burying themselves with a comment. The west by nature is a very clean society starting from the basic idea of heigene, we react strongly to images of poverty and dirt. It seems to be a need to cleanse, feed and educate…..our understanding process of the things that arise from organization, irrigation, heigene  and health… not seem to necessarily result in the same outcome for those that we attempt to indoctrinate in the same ways hoping that they too can derive the same benefits.

Some of the images that come out of india make your flesh crawl. Anyhow we have reached out to people and places with results that don’t equate.the Indians laughed today during another argument….well first it is dirty and then it’s dangerous…..

I had to write down that caption…..that yes…everything that is steeped and in filth in time rises and tries to damage us….it’s time to look at this reality.


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