Why Heaven Exists…..

I am sitting on my deck in the dark…the Jews and indians speak to me as always using arc technology. These days the only words exercised are of hatred. To them I am an experiment of some sort to validate something that they need to feel. It has taken 6 years for me to sift through this hardship to validate myself enough to understand that things exist that walk amongst humans that are not compatible with life. We all describe ourselves as human….but at a closer look we are not at all as similar as we would like to think. As a prisoner of this bizarre ritual I have faired better than those who abuse me…..and they realize it. They came to observe Mary Magdalene….to view me from another angle both in secret and in this confrontation to u derstanding the bible and the concept of God. I am glad to say that lessons have been learned by all of us  and sadly my abusers who wanted to elevate themselves have fallen short.

As I sit here I saw the picture if that little boy who became the sensation of this week by being rescued in Syria. A tiny little boy with a scowl on his face, blood on his clothes and plaster in his hair. A little boy sitting I side an ambulance sort of aware that something horrible has happened and that his life is changed forever.none the less he is sitting there pomitely…..calmly given his situation….a brave little boy.

I looked at his face and I said…I am sorry….you did nothing to deserve this nor did you do anything to harm anyone. Your life will never be the same and there will be questions nagging you for the rest of your life.  Someday when you are older you will look at this picture again and feel the pain of that night and open that wound in private to try and u derstanding why your brother and family died and you did not. This event may become that pain which pulls you into a religious or racial conflict someday in the future trying to even that score to avenge your family. Bottom line in this earth nothing will ever heal that pain…or full that empty hole until you die and rise on Jupiter.

That is why I wrote this posting. Heaven exists for many reasons….one of those reasons is because it may be the only place where most victims of violence and hatred ever feel whole again. It may be the only ace where the dead can walk in a room and hold their missing children they have not seen in years. Heaven may be the only place where human history is preserved in its entirety so people can have answers. Heaven is not a fictional domain….Heaven was and is Jupiter.


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