Why Bad Things Keep Happening…

We are in another episode of tunnel vision across the world. In the year 2000 America was enjoying a bounty and the sky was the limit, we have fallen a long hard distance from that point of projection. We have all seen better days and we are all confused about these fluctuations that seem out if our control.

Those of us who understand what is happening find ourselves between a rock and a hard place vocalizing the issues to others all day long….we realize that everyone does not arrive at the point of understanding with their neighbors….life is a serious journey even if you are sitting next to someone.

Could it be that some of us came from places that others did not. Could it be that our language and mindset does not contain those additives that are required to unravel how the people of india get through the day. Yesterday there was an article in the news about another mass ISIS execution , this time the killers were children holding handguns. One of these children defied understanding, he had blond hair and blue eyes which caught the attention of the west…..this child is of our gene pool yet look at what he is doing….he who said race does not matter…lied.

The pictures and video are pretty hard to look at but the questions get deeper….who are the parents…..why did they allow their child to be recruited…..some parents in Syria have killed their sons to disable ISIS from damaging them. Do the parents understand the horror that they unleashed upon their son by allowing him to discuss regard life. There are lots of questions….questions so deep that many of us simply search our souls and cannot find the denominations.

When we understand human makeup and genetic variation and the ability for some to live and behave in ways that the rest if us cannot tolerate….then you will understand that you cannot assimilate what cannot be assimilated. 3 billion people will be removed before this planet fails.


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