When is enough ….enough……

As the screaming matches continue between myself and the Indian voices I check out my Facebook page and there is an article about a man and his dead wife in india…..she died of tuberculosis in a hospital in some dirt ridden district. He was handed the body to take home, with no vehicle or method of transport he and his daughter walked for message with her dead stiff body. It’s important to note that not a single human stopped to help them. The next article on Facebook was yet another similar story from india with a more creative ending…..the dead body was placed on the ground and broken at the hips , so it could be folded upon itself for transportation. As I write this you should here the noises from the Indians sitting behind the microphones screaming at me watching and feeling my sensations towards them through arc technology.

One of them chocked on his Ramen noodles and predicted that this insane behavior that India uses against its enemies is causing more people to compare notes…..that voice hearing, mental health issues and schizophrenia caused by india using arc technology is quickly closing the gap. Someday the truth will cause the world to destroy this filthy nation.


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