Strange dreams and more…..

Yesterday I was angered so badly by the Indian voices that I began to scream at them at Farsi which does not come naturally to me as a first language. I could sense them reacting to the sounds even though on occasion they speak Farsightedness to me to annoy me. When I woke up this morning they were barely a buzz around me.

When Jupiter made contact with me 6 years ago they asked me to use abrasive Farsi commentary to get rid of them but I did not realize that speaking to them in Farsi was not going to be effective….that I had to reach a point of rage and inner confidence to rid them of myself.

It’s clear that as humans we know little about india…..they are creatures who belonged to a sec…..they refer to themselves as insects and there is a connection between those words that is more than humor. Insects live in hives where a queen or several queens rule the roost. India is a large hive or several conflicting similar hives that class with each other. Their caste systems also liken themselves to insect hives were weaker creatures are assigned tasks for a lifetime. A voice made a comment that similar to insects they are attracted to the colors of red and yellow.

Mind you that all humans have sect like congruence in that we find each other and seek each other in every lifetime even over distances that are continents. Another interesting comment made by a voice is that languages serve a use beyond just communication. The Indians are clearly horrified and reacting to the sounds of Farsi being spoken by me. I remember as a child remarking that German had a strange unhappy sterile sound. It is very likely that in the beginning of time language could have been an effective repellent for some species. India has failed to merge with the world and it’s behind in every way imaginable as a social organization… we are seeing some strange little understood reactions amongst it’s people.

Israel is going to warn petroleum companies in the United states and fast food companies in the United states that India is about to use violence against the west in unusual ways. They have mentioned fire again and again and we are worried that the Washington area may become a place where gas stations are set on fire….a fire was set feet away from my house two weeks ago as a tester.

The final tally on india will be total destruction when the world understands that schizophrenia and it’s victims are being forced to listen to verbal abuse by india using advanced technology.

Israel now senses that fear that it should have long ago but because it hid it’s own ownership and use of arc technology it fears a backlash about coming clean. They made medication for mental illnesses hoping india would tire of its usage of a machine against innocent people but they have not. Now they realize that the invasion of destruction of Syria was an excuse for india to move it’s people around amidst the stream of refugees and casualties. The countries that reached out to the refugees are experiencing abnormal wives of violence towards their people as opposed to a desire to cooperate and a thanks towards those who have allowed them into their homes and organizations.

How strange it will be when the events unfold and the west realizes that the alien invasion from above turned into an invasion from below by a group of people we simply ignored and did not understand. Maybe somewhere they can dig up some stories by British colonists in India at the turn of the century to find out why the British pulled out of this country.

Since my Farsi repelled them I was able to sleep and dream for the first time in a long time. I was on Jupiter and I was shown a small gadget the size of a shower head which could be placed anywhere to extract water out of the atmosphere.long ago Jupiter allowed us to pick up their broadcast during sleep hours…..they reassured us of heaven and allowed us to communicate with our loved ones. I write and post these on Facebook knowing that some of you might be scratching your heads…..but you know what….the truth means more to me than cancellation by those who read these. Please be careful of your where abouts… for strangers that show aggression……yes this is America and many of us like my left came here from elsewhere but understand that in months our world is about to change. When something does not look right or feel right then heed the warning. 


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