The Future of Planet Earth……

Last night we had a round about with israel using arc technology to channel ideas and understandings about how the future may shape up as I see it. We are currently u Der going yet another episode as history is just that… a chain of episodes that slowly shape areas, people and understanding. The goal is that these episodes should be a build up to a better world rather than constant shifts that displace people. Deep down we all sense that surely there must be a day that humans can utter a sigh of relief and live their lives without fear of daily disruption .

Because we identify ourselves as races we will always remain a collection of human species….that cannot be avoided because we were created that way from the start….but we can choose to be a cooperative group rather than an oppositional group.

Most of you don’t know that ISIS is the brain child of india and that the indo china area has become a source of massive unrest pushing itself west ward putting western culture in danger.japan is failing…..someone may have tampered with the nuclear reactor attempting to halt japan’s success as a trade partner with the west. The massive earth quake in endonesia in 2005 was never a natural disaster but a hydrogen bomb that some know about and keep their mouths shut. Technology exists that can create the likeness of natural disaster using frequency. North Korea is run by a lunatic who inherited something from his father and once a week he flexes his muscles at the world by showcasing technology of destruction. One day he will either make a terrible mistake or he will aim at someone….he needs to be deposed or killed yesterday.lunatics tend to gather together and he might be assisting india in the creation and trade of deadly arms.

India, Afghanistan and the surrounding areas are pumping heroin into the western world… episode this week caused a chain of overdoses of heroin laced with elephant tranquilisers….that gives us a clue of where this stuff is coming from. India uses money from the sale of narcotics from its own mainland and south America to float itself in the west and keep ISIS alive.

I remember a childhood in the middle east and Arab nations without any backlash or hatred or Islamic repression. Few people know that India is the source of religious terbulance…..their entire history is based on gods and die ties and control of humans through suppression using religion. 

Russia is a source of longterm concern because they are a collection of racial tension….their demographics has a huge range and languages and dialects. They have one if the longest borders on earth edging many areas of potential conflict. Russian future will one day mandate that it become three countries rather than one. 

The Intel states, Canada and south America are a future disaster…..Canada has been very selective and it’s population at 30 million is a farm ration of our 360 million. Our demographics have grown faster than our ability to administer control and the growing minorities have upset the majority……we need to find out why we may have as many as 50 million illegals living here. This country needs to do an about right turn and gain control of itself. The future of America, Canada and south America is becoming the Americas one large conglomerate so we can jointly control our issues. Right now south America is used by our enemies to bring contraband into the United states and Spanish speaking people flee poverty and injustice towards us……they need to be returned to their lands and stabaluzed….stabilization is the keyword if the future. Refugees cannot become a way if business for any country.

Last night’s discussion yielded a scary answer….the launch of a nuclear weapon will most likely accurs in the east close to India in the next 3 years…..that’s only 11500 days. That disaster will double the problems of the influx of humans towards us from that region. India has been pin pointed as the number one problem on this planet…..a problem which exceeds the mathematical possibilities of salvation. There is a quiet war going on with india even in American shores.

Virginia has become filled with gas stations run by indians…….with ties to ISIS……a gas station should only be run by the corporation that owns it. Gas stations are a bio hazard and source of potential devastation to areas which they occupy. Things that we use every day can be turned against us in an effective act if terrorism.


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