The case of Dallas Texas….

Texas has become the center of a theme of violence in recent months…..suddenly and out of nowhere. Now it has become a daily routine that we wake up to yet another incident.  Noone knows that Israel has targeted Texas because if special interests in u derstanding human populations and disabling it’s enemies. 

Technology can allow for a study of human populations without them being aware of being watched. People have a tendency to gather together, drawn by special interests, political affiliations and social ties through the ages. Texas has its own unique flavor that has nothing to do with location but the concentration of human fellowship. 

According to israel when you put a pressure point on a given area as they have with Texas you are then forcing humans to respond to something foreign in their community that is bringing about stress, aggravation and unpleasant experiences. This is like squeezing an orange to see what it yields. Under pressure humans respond in different ways and those responses tell us what makes one community more resilient than another. Understanding those differences allows the enemy to plan it’s game plan of dividing and conquering and turning heads away from the real issue which is israel and india.

None of this could be achieved without arc technology. The recent accident involving the balloon in Texas was no accident. Arc technology allows for the transfer of electricity from a source of electricity to something close by. The balloon need not hit the power wires but simply pass close enough to become a victim. They do this using a holographic eye…….the eye can impose itself upon an area and watch activity and inflict various commands from the base through the eye to anything close enough to become it’s foe.

Whenever israel becomes the focus of the media it deters this by relocating the drama elsewhere to target yet another group. They are convinced that by shoveling humans around using technology that they will eventually reposition themselves at the seat of power again. However they have become aware that humans also learn and retaliate and seem to sense and locate their adversaries in strange ways through the same technology..the technology was never meant to separate humanity so it leverages those who israel uses and abuses by lifting them up. The technology never belonged to israel anyway they took it from the Greeks and Romans by destroying times of Jupiter…temples that allowed humans to understand the process of life and death and reincarnation using technology brought here from jupiter.

Righnow the east coast of the United states has been under a weather system causing downpours and humidity beyond teration…..this weather system causes violence in segments of society who are poor and may not have proper ventillation….it causes undo stress and that stress causes an emotional explosion that causes racial tension. This morning Baltimore is suffering  from flooding which they hope to exploit into massive racial tension which will feed into the election process. Burney Sanders was never the pick of Israel….he was the fall guy who was supposed to hand it to Hillary….she is the pick for israel who they want to place inside the white house with great jubilation before they destroy her with particles of the past leading this nation further into the hole.


The Djed of ancient Egypt…


How Behavior Encodes Itself…..

If you read the last three postings today this is next in line….

The human genetic code is a complex and intetesting thing that not only describes who you are and what you are but it keeps a tab of the interactions that you have with others.a system that understands itself, heals itself and creates novel ways of avoiding dangerous communication.

For example a person who is suffering from persistent allergies may be coming in contact with something in the environment induced by other living creatures from poor behavior to a broadcast made using technology. Sneezing is actually an avoidance….it’s sending a signal that an incoming intrusions of some kind was removed from making contact. A sudden chill is a sign that you were located and scanned but intruding technology. A migraine that leaves you bedridden 8s telling you that your face and head are sensitive to technology and have been connected to time and again.

Rage , anger and violence within a community where such things did not exist before tells us that someone is aiming technology at people hoping to create a wave of violence which can then spread itself. Pandemics such as the flu are a use of frequency at such levels beyond human hearing that take down the entire nervous system and kill millions…..this has been a secret method of eradicating humans for centuries using arc technology.

Now we are going to take a closer look at our own behavior and how interpersonal behavior has equally dangerous side effects.  Today in our world crime is about being seen and caught… the future crime will be about a blood test. Your behavior and the knowledge if your behavior cause a systemic response inside your body to the things that you have said and done to others. Your high blood pressure, stomach acidity and hypersensitivity can all be a result of an unresolved set of circumstances. On jupiter rape and murder can be determined based on a blood test. Perhaps if humans understood the realty of heaven being Jupiter we as a society would safe gaurd our own behavior, knowing that certain behaviors will never escape detection.

Cultures where people constantly abuse their own and others are bust encoding themselves as something to be avoided. People using algorithms embedded in the universe have learned to sense humans that cause trouble. India is angry that they are shunned everywhere they go by some element that they view as being bias and malice. They have noted however that being dark skinned is not the real issue because africans strive and succeed amongst all races without a great issue.

Israel has a similar issue that has created an air of animosity between Jews and others. Israel wanted to keep their use of arc technology secret for their own gain but they too are taking a hit and being shunned because that technology led to behaviors that demean ed society in general. They now realize that technology alone cannot guarantee success….technology is a tool. Humans can condemn themselves individually by behavior and as a group by failing to treat others fairly. You can become entangled in your own personal behavior the more you attempt to deny it’s significance.  

When you die and you are ressurection you are scanned before being awaken beyond a sleep state to determine the damage that was inflicted upon you by others and yourself. Arc technology allows you to enter Jupiter without ever having to say a word about what happened here. That should send a message to humans that you are special so please treat others with care.

Islamic Extremism in England……


This was an article posted today and we can all feel the noose tightening. I remember years ago reading about the ban on burkas in France….I could not understand derstanding the underlying intention… that I am myself sitting in the middle of extremism I have no doubt that it’s time for the world to decide what constitutes religion and what is terrorism waiting to bloom.

I just stepped out around the corner to a 7-11 a mile away. These food marts are known for hiring people from india….the entire staff at this location is from either india or Pakistan. Lately they have added a few members who wear turbans and traditional head dresses that I find intimidating coupled with their attitude towards white customers. My zip code area has grown in Indian demographics in the past few years and I have been warned many times by the Indian voices that one day 711 will become a terror location and I would not be surprised. 

Most of you on my Facebook page are children of diplomatic parents, we have all lived around the world and never did we imagine as children that someday we might have to reverse our views towards ethnic minorities.

There was the recent speech at the convention by a Muslim family who had lost a son who served in the military of the United States…  he felt that Donald Trump was a device of Separatist behavior, I could not disagree more. He waved the constitution of the United states as an example. I came here as a refugee myself in 1979 and was granted political assylum but have become a propaganda for ISIS lately…..who would have thought this possible.

The average human who lives a humble life has no clue of the dexterity used by certain groups to push their cause down our throats. The constitution is a document and like all documents it can be revised. We are all on the side of peace and prosperity until we become a victim or lose someone to violence. We look around our well manicured neighborhoods and deny that these things exist…..and that is exactly what they want you to do. 

Freedom of speech and religion mean just that….on these shores you are free to be yourself as long as you mind your business and do not infringe the right of others….the moment you do so you lose the right to be here. If you came here to be free then you are beholden to safeguard the freedom of otbers.

The Human Genetic Code and the Algorithms of Arc Technology…..

If you have read my postings….over the rainbow and under the dome of conditioning then this is next in line.

Life on earth migrated here from other places. Space travel requires appropriate technology….that technology is arc technology. Arc technology is using a synthetic brain based on the intelligence of the astronauts themselves to help them stay alive in space and not fall victim to fear, panic, illness or obstacles beyond their ability to predict. Arc technology uses logic and for casting to keep people on track…to give them the tools to handle situations. Under catastrophic situations arc technology can give a total novice the ability of a seasoned professionals in a trade they have never practiced. It is the equivalent of a human download in a millisecond.

As I lay in bed this morning  we all came to a scary realization that the human genetic code actually pairs with src technology allowing it to extract updates incase something is lost or wiped out from the algorithms.  A human is more than what you see….or better yet we are exactly what you see….we are the mathematical  solutions to life’s problems incased in flesh and blood. Those of us who live well and prosper aiding our own kind to make better decisions, leading to a better life contain good genetics…. or the algorithms to technologies that have yet to be built. 

Israel realized that India could be exactly the opposition…..that a race of humans could be a living virus… algorithm that can be extracted and out to work in devastating ways. ISIS is India… very careful around them……what you do not know we do.we are fighting a war you do not understand but you are subject to. They are not happy about my writings but they know that it must be done….Jupiter is furious over the truth being withheld from humanity.

So when we look at cultures that fail to connect with others, cultures which generate negative publicity for themselves and cause a turbulence in society….we are not looking at poverty and the need for a good meal….we are seeing poor genetics at work and history tells the tale. What do you do to protect the anet when these cultures reproduce at 10x the normal rate of production….do we treat them as a special case or will we ultimately be forced to illuminate them to safeguard others. While you read this dissertation someone has to make that unpopular decision that Noone wants to make.

Inside the dome of conditioning……

To understand this posting please go back and read …over the rainbow. I am surprised that India may not have realized that Israel has set up iron domes over various cities in the United states…or that their comparable technology might not have the same ability. 

What we have here is the dominance of arc technology emitting a broadcast that creates an umbrella of protection over the United states and then we have machinery belonging to India that is attempting to usurp that authority under the dome. The dome is absorbing the algorithms of one set of machines so they become obsolete  over time and unable to regenerate. It is a war of machines…..indias machines have logged into technology all over the world weakening our position and endangering the privacy of its citizens.

Weather systems such as hurricanes have almost been diminished in areas that were once hard hit in the southern areas of the United states. Weather systems can be created with arc technology to destroy land and property enabling india to purchase below value real estate. Someday a government agency will pursue this matter to see who has made large land purchases following natural disaster events.

India has created many hurricanes on the east coast in the past 3 decades but the domes have pushed them back out to sea preventing major damage. Louisiana however was a ace where they had put machinery of their own and after many attempts they broke that barrier…..and the world can remember those events with clarity. 

The domes do the same thing in the events if a missile being sent in our direction…..they read the numerical commands inside the missile and disarm it and deflect it. The fact that we are safe has a lot to do with space age technology that did not originate here and has been kept sector et for centuries. Long before humanity on earth developed the technology for military hardware conflicts were fought using weather systems…..the tales of floods find their origin in these weather wars.

Hillarys Big Campaign Mistake 

Every election since the last one that I remember has become a more tawdry affair, so much so that potential runners now have to fear for their lives. We are now in the third trimester of this election process which dwindles down to mud slinging and reminding everyone if their past mistakes. Really there is nothing here that a four year old could not anticipate and maybe a four year old should remind some people about what to leave out.

I have long since considered myself a Bill Clinton fan…..I am not intetested in whitewater or Monica I look at people for what they are and how they are perceived as flesh and blood humans. In my book leadership is a blend of unique qualities of which one is communication and bonding with strangers. The best leaders don’t require written speeches they can deliver anywhere without a prompt. 

As a woman I have never understood Hillary…..I don’t relate to her, like her particularly as a politician or feel that she herself understands the pulse of America or even the pulse of the women of America. I understand her competitive edge….but that is not enough. I think what power she had as a women she dwindled when Bill had an affair in office. I can’t say that as a woman I expected her to level him , but whatever she did it was more to preserve her own future chances of running for office.  She lost us women along the way and never regained our comfort level.

I am not sure that voting for a vagina breaks the glass cieling….I believe that someday a woman will run and win when she represents the voters….this one does not.  It’s strange to feel close to Bill and not Hillary but in real life that is how things add up.

Bill gave a long speech about his marriage and close bond with his wife, I had to delete the article several sentences in. We know who they are and we all know that their marriage has had its weak points , and some of them were highlighted during his term in office. Frankly it came off poorly for him to avoid the truth… was really best left unsaid and I think it will back fire as falsehood. 

Anyhow the electoral process has become draining and without perspective… a simple matter of playing your cards and avoiding the pitfalls and setups of the media. Ultimately the Bill and Hillary circus has seen better days…..many would agree that a fresh ,clean, crisp, beginning is a better thing for everyone.