Area 54……

We have all wondered about aliens and area 54…why the tight security….what’s in there. According to our lizard people it’s a place where ultra secure military craft gets tested and fixed away from prying eyes and anyone that might gain access to its computer system.


The national broadcasting system…..

Everyone can recall sitting in their car and hearing a test of the National broadcast system….that loud beeping noise just in case of an emergency. You wonder to yourself how it will work out incase if a real serious situation… I got an intetesting answer……the system never involved a public broadcast involving microphones that would allow people to hear things out loud….because this would only lead to further chaos and the past three weeks business has been dead….nothing is moving, nothing is happening….I was told today that this is a test of the National broadcasting system…..sending messages subliminally to contain people….to shift human understand well in advance of a potential situation well before it happens.

I am not sure exactly what we are being warned about….this containment of activity ensures that people slow do not gather in large numbers….don’t spend a lot of money and generally lower their profile until the danger passes. The question at this point is is this a practice run….what does it involve….is the danger military….terrorist or natural disaster. How does curtailing the natural activities lower a risk….when it causes financial disaster. In this case we know that India has infiltrated every server on this planet…including my credit card…..they have mentioned that they are changing access to remove india from these servers and the fewer purchases and transactions covered the quicker the turn over.

The Indian voice just made a further clarification that Israel who had once joined india in various studies using the arc technology has finally realized that indias intetest was bogus and secondary to their infiltration of every military and civilian system in this country. That their machines were quietly gathering data and algorithms from the other machines under the guise of mutual exchange of data.

Even though Israel’s machine can search for data by using a word search program it’s not picking up those involved…..the Indians using hand signals and their own blend of creative communication to bypass word search.

Machines belonging to Adam and eve…..synthetic brains that were once created for space travel still in existence…

This posting really ties into the one above it about the national broadcasting system. When we came here from Jupiter we used these machines to navigate space and it’s possible that some aspect of these equipment was specially altered for the astronauts. That the synthetic brain was a duplicate of that of the occupants and travelers incase their own reacted in some way or shut down due to stress the other would take over the functions of their body and mind. I have become the center of some bizarre event because the machine being used either by india or israel might contain my semblance, and that is why I am Co Stanly sought in each lifetime and subjected to abuse as well as Gary. That even though I don’t have the machine on some level it locates me and uses and coordinates with my desire and undetstanding…..something they are unhappy about. They spent years talking to me and collecting my words through the reader so they could take that pattern and remove it.

My entire life in this lifetime has been a strange experience of having access to the emotional output of others and sometimes bizarre access to information or understandings that maybe I should have not had. It’s like picking up radio signals where ever you go all day long whether or not you want to listen… places you in the center of turmoil as I am now.

Are they heeding my advice…..

Inspite of today’s horror of listening to the voices there is atleast one small measure of improvement that has appeared overnight. I just clicked on CNN and Reuters and no where can you see a mention of the crisis in turkey and it’s fresh carnage from the past 48 hours….it’s gone as if it never occured and did not exist. My suggestion was to remove ISIS and it’s behavior from view….do not give them air time…..that is their primary goal. Visibility means recruiting power…..Noone wants to travel to a dirty dust bowel to use a damaged rifle that has the fingers of the dead person who used it last still stuck to it. One cheer for CNN.

Mind control…..

Mind control is a form of home made recipe that uses a dash of this and a pinch of that to create a nightmare in broad daylight light for your disposition pleasure. It constructs a reality based on your inability to understand how things connect and intetact.

Mind control can turn an every day situation into something surreal. A victim sits in her home and due to outside issues business is very slow and almost non existant….the voices begin to cash in on this deal. They want to convince you that your slow business is due to something you have done, something you have said. After years of sleep deprivation, loss of work, psychosis, loss of funds, cycles of illness and depression the voices bring a perfectly normal human into a slide towards death. Add to that technology and one day you wake up and the voices have decided to make themselves seen and heatd….they call you, they show up at your door unannounced, they send emails and texts, spam day and night. That is when the real danger begins… are now in mortal danger……they have determined through years of use and abuse , years if watching you, listening to you and observing you in all manners of situations that they have isolated you well enough to take the game to a new level.

In this new level bullets have been placed in two cars, accounts have been hacked, money has been stolen, people that you know have been researched and called behind your back to cause further friction. The goal of voice hearing is to take a healthy living productive specimen from being a mortal to barely being alive….to loosing everything they own and have…..when you read the stories of voice hearers the path to destruction is always the same.

Your large happy existence filled with friends turns into a small room, a peice of bread and society labeling you as some type of freak even though you are victim of a crime so horrific that society owes you a debt for trying to solve this crime.

I have survived a brutally cycle of abuse but now inspite of my learning curve I have once again been put in a corner I cannot negotiate because hacking and tampering with accounts require legal attention and I have been denied. I am able to earn money but I cannot place it anywhere for safety….much of my advertising requires a credit card and without one I am out of business. A
revolting illegal indian in America or elsewhere hacking a system can reduce the life of a human to nothing. Each day I have to overcome a new obstacle….bills that are due….voices I don’t want to hear….privacy I don’t have and a life that I have lost for 6 years that has been reduced to daily survival minute by minute. There have been days I was so sick that I was convinced that I would not survive the night.

Someday the world will know that the snake or the serpent in the Bible stories was actually a warning about the people of india who carry a devastating genetic code that is reptilian.

The darkest hour….

This morning the voices continue the daily chatter, my body feels crushed from 6 years if mental pain and violations that came to a peak the past 72 hours with money being taken from my account. Last night there was a massive rain storm, a power outage and more bad news on the Internet about the state of the world and business is completely dead….as in non existant. I literally feel shut out from the world….am I in it……or am I dreaming of being in it.

This morning while asleep they subjected me to the sound of several bells. I have reached a certain understanding that American history as we know it and in fact world history as we know it does not and did not exist. As I stated in my recording last night the world has turned another corner into darkness even though the daylight might fool you. I was hoping this darkness could be averted but it has not and those who want to shuffle human populations to reassert themselves will not for a variety of reasons….humans are not simply cards, we do have an ability to make a decision and stick with our original understanding.

India has shown me that it’s reality has nothing to do with its public impression whatsoever. I have lived and traveled in what was once known as the middle east and the Arab world and even indias neighbor Pakistan…..I have my own set of impressions and values from these experiences. One thing that was mentioned last night by the voices is that inspite of the training of those who inflict voice hearing on others based on some sort if present figured programming the victims like myself cannot am escape the reality that the abusers are not just reading lines from a computer screen, they are violent horrific creatures if some inhuman race that has graced this earth.

This morning they even sent me an email…a short one liner asking me for my support after killing and destroying people I love and screaming obscenities and hacking my accounts…..when you place these two facts side by side after 6 years of non stop assault there is only one conclusion…..and it defies words in any known language. They are not human and they have endangered all life on this planet.

As for israel I have constantly struggled to understand how what appears to be a species of similar humans has gotten itself into such a bind….but I do have some amendments based on human observation that their desire to own and master arc technology without releasing it’s existence to the general public has put them in a duality of their choosing. Israel like myself might be a victim of indias violence but atleast I have tried to educate the world and they have failed to clarify their agenda…losing Gary rapid public support. I am not sure that serving victims were ever required to prove what india has done…..but it’s clear that India is the primary issue.

It appears that the American history as well as the civil war saga require a few extra footnotes. India was here on the American shores taking the lower half of the United states as its claim….israel took ownership of the northern half….in fact indias spread west ward always seems to have a southern aspect. The events if the American Civil War are separate from the reality that two groups of people fought each other and created a bio polarity using mind control. Now with the advance if technology the Indians if india are pushing northward and contaminating every technology known to humanity….this became a silent war when they tampered with the Jewish financial markets, stealing money from accounts and transferring them, asking for ransom money after identifying members of the American public as being notable personalities from the past. A argue over money, God and heaven and the right to exist has occured here that few understand but all are subjected to. As the woman who was once Mary Magdalene I became a hostage…..they apparently asked for millions to keep me alive. As this game of subjecting humans to arc technology manifested the population of the world experienced a rapid rose in mental illnesses….so that mental illness is now the number one issue.

Before digital technology made spying a glass of water…India sent sexual spies to mingle with soldier’s and genetals to individually subject people to mental searches. Human sexuality and using sounds and frequency to create a mood of seduction and sex has been a major force in indias daily life style.

I was confused as to why Jews would use a pentagram and conduct satanic rituals that would lead them into being discoveted….satanic is a word that describes india…..they are ritual, sacrifice of living creatures and bizarre and horrific displays of every kind.

I may have not totally understood israel position and contention but they owe the world an explanation today….not tomorrow. Victims or not they allowed innocent people to suffer and die needlessly being tortured for years and decades…forcing humans to self destruct to escape this world. India needs to be removed…..israel needs to come out into the open or the results will be as discussed.

I called the FBI this morning or rather early this afternoon… conversation was brief….my name, where I live, the fact that I hold a special green card and that I have political Assylum in the United states and that I am receiving death threats… call lasted all of 2 minutes, they suggested I call the department of immigration or my local police department. This is the measure of a country organized and run by jews. When you live in the leading hub of Western society and all of your life source has been hijacked and noone cares you need not look for a further explanation….this is called failure.

I sit here as the garbage broadcasting into my home tries to figure out why none of their paid drug dealers and Indian relatives can speak a word of English that that a human can digest. It’s the daily rehash of the dozen rude remarks followed by….do you want to talk to me…..the answer is fuck you and you Jewish daddy… I don’t need to talk to a slithering cobra endowed with a semi human exterior.

Today they have sent me a barrage of texts and phone calls….which I label as Satan…..or No when I am unsure. They direct numbers here from india and south America and run them through a system and attach American area codes so noone realizes they are being spammed from a dirty third world country.

Another terror attack in turkey…..

Another day another senseless murder. According to Jews the best ace for terror attacks is an airport. Most people already have an irrational fear of flying which in the past few years has been heightened by  terrorist activity and planes falling out of the sky. Part of being a world community means travel both nationally and intrrnationally for vacation, for business and opportunities. You can’t force people to risk their lives for your business. The quickest way to shred society is to allow violence where people meet and commute….israel wants to rip up the world.

As I sit here in my home listening to revolting Indians and Jews scream obscenities at me they laugh about how they have tailor made violence for every corner of the world in its own fashion. Since those who construct terror live on our shores they prefer subjecting people to voice hearing. A recent article compared the experiences of voice hearers around the world….in white western nations voice hearing is viewed as terror and in Africa as humor. The voices themselves corrected this for me….Africans are poor and black like Indians, they are people of no consequence…..spending years screaming at them to kill them serves no purpose…..white people are the ones we want…..they have money…..power…prestige.  they are the ones who were somebody in human history…..dirty poor black people are the ones we train on when we learn how to use the machine.