Eyeball to eyeball….

Or maybe more aptly it should be called 50 shades of grey as to how many turns a situation can take in a human relationship. Israel is now in a defensive mode….we all know who knows what and where and why. They can try to kill me but they know that enough people have been td…..a sizable website does exist….bullets have been put in 2 vehicles and spam mail, email and texts and phone calls exist in the hundreds. Killing means recruiting, hiring and training because I am a professional profiler….getting close to me will not be easy by an I Dian, by an illiterate, by a minority. Literally the person needs to be white and clean cut.they have called me several times a day and sent seedy emails every day for years trying to determine who I am and what I do and what I am willing to do for money. They know that I am probably closet to my own image if myself than I am to what they want me to be. They have sat be my and screamed all day long hoping that sooner or later a week point would open which would provide the incentive they need to kill me. Those week points rely on two possibilities financial issues and health issues. It’s been about a month since I have responded to them which pushes me away from their optimum red zone….the more you argue the greater the danger from noise, rage and health issues due to rage. Everything they have to say I have heard before….my truths and validations and frankly qualifications are greater than theirs. Now I sit and they scream….I am past the point of caring about what they say….they are Jews and nuggets from india….they have both come to my door and both groups are sleazy just like their words. At this point I am listening to a greasy parrot and his fat friends.


Rape and pedophilia by Jews using the arc of india…

It’s been a rough 24 hours I woke up this morning to a horrific dream that was superimposed. The arc allows israel and India to either creatively produce dreams by providing materials, I ferences, subject matters and ideas or to take something from somewhere else and superimpose it as they did this time. The content was violent and sexual and an intrusion of my privacy….call it a modern form of rape if you will. I woke up aghast and violated only to listen to their responses regarding my reactions. They feel that they are justified to take what they want since the world denies them the rights of raping chdren for sexual purposes. Jews are pedophiles by nature they say and this is now their retribution upon society. As I write this they are unhappy that I have failed to describe the nature and the details of what they imposed upon me knowing that it would give them satisfaction to go on my website and read it and then bring others to read it. They also know that it would shock and offend many who will think that I am seeking attention. When the book is published they will all be detailed for legal purposes.

In our world science is still progressing too slowly to validate the required evidence for justice. Now we are entering a new world where intellectual thought and sleep become places where strangers wander in and use others sexually,, mentally and financially. Are you ready for this new leap of depravity. Israel is lost in its own ambiguity…trying to figure out exactly how close they are to destruction….when will the world realize what has happened….we are living in the turged residue of the aftermath which at this point is political and financial collapse. The world will address these well before they deal with women and children being raped in their own beds…but they know that one will lead to the other. The advance of technology means the destruction of israel and india.

Recently in the news there have been two suicides of CEOs who manage insurance companies. The Jews are sitting here laughing…they have fed for years in humans by eating up mutual funds and not paying out on insurance claims. The arc technology has allowed them to access funds and transfer them for their own uses leaving companies baffled as to how they suddenly find themselves in a situation where the monetary statements do not reflect the anticipated yields. As the situation of israel worsens there will be more sudden failures of large companies that manage financial assets. What do you do when you are the person responsible and suddenly funds disappear in a digital world….the world will not accept that answer when they don’t know what technology israel is hiding.

The best way of explaining this is by creating a mental image. Your business and financial world is part of a system called the Internet. The Internet allows you access to information and funds. Huge corporations and the military create their own off shoots that are only accessible to them for safety away from prying eyes and malice from the general public….they don’t know that Israel’s technology can take that information just as easily as any other.

Our Internet system is a circle and israel has created a secondary system sitting around the inner one. They have servers all over the world that take and maintain data that is stolen and archived. The arc technology rotates this archived material so noone knows for sure which servers are up today and keeping the secret data.

When a teller or a bank manager looks for your account they are seeking by entering your identification….the results if that search are a digital response that they see as numbers on a computer screen….they personally cannot verify the physical whereabouts of money….the days when banks kept gold and cash in a vault to equal their assets is long gone. Your money is all over the world, invested, being used….accounted for somewhere on a digital ledger of the institution you bank with. There is no little metal box with your name and funds. Israel technology can listen to a conversation anywhere, it can capture an image anywhere, it can see and read everything on a digital screen input by anyone, it can iris identify all humans that they consider of importance.

Centuries ago this technology was used to listen, tabulate and be used as a weapon of personal retribution. In the modern era it became a device of theft which was then carefully managed by india for israel. Rather than just steal a few miserable dollars they learned how to create a secondary organization unit that would mimic accounts by allowing institutions to think the funds are secure while they were busy taking money out. All over the world are fake accounts set up using identification stolen from others. Israel is a large crime syndicate transferring and circulating money for its special users….the real Jews. The real Jews of israel have money transfered to their personal funds every day. Someday banks will tabulate how many accounts have been forgotten or simply been abandoned when israel has sensed that they were catching on. But israel larger net of corruption takes in millions a day. As israel reputation has fallen and the world has pulled away sensing that they are a source of fraud and friction and violence they have resorted to rape society by simply taking what they want, often creating situations where millions disappear and cannot be accounted for leaving innocent CEOs somewhere looking like a fool in front of their investors. According to israel they have so much stench money stached away that they can live for decades without a penny made today. But the problem is that world powers are watching huge amounts of money that they suspect are connected to israel and they fear that touching these funds will be that thing that will have their assets frozen.

I am a mother and a single parent they victimized because they knew that I was Mary Magdalene and they have literally parked themselves in my home and around me and abused me and run their mouths as I take notes. They have accessed all my accounts including my SunTrust account…..I am a victim of a crime no law enforcement unit can solve or accept at this time.



As I sit here writing israel is commenting about my financial state how people like me set them in the wrong course of affairs by being late in their monthly payments…how the world defaulted on its payments to israel through banks and tax collections forcing them to take what is theirs through any means they can. I suppose rape and torture and murder and harassing of humans falls in that category. U Der stand that these actions once formed the basis of a religion called Christianity when groups of people living in Judea stood up to Jews for using this technology to damage humans. In 2000 years israel has burned books and altered history to defame us and to give its so a boost. The bible is a peice of nonesense it was once written by me and a group of peoe I know to warn people. The url below will show you these people again.


Indian death threats………..

Tonight our Jewish servants are having a difficult time. It’s been several weeks since I have spoken with them and I severed that line of communication permanently. There is a point where a human weighs and measures the evidence and the consequences to decide if there is any point and there was none.

Our third world monkeys have now gotten their turbans in a twist. I don’t take any if their garbage as any value unless it has a direct effects upon my life. I don’t know how my speaking or not speaking affected to their crime syndicate but even if it does its not my problem. Israel hired baboons to run the most sensitive crime network on earth and the baboons have learned how to exit their cage.

Tonight I have been besieged by phonecalls and texts. Those texts contain death threats and one of those texts contained a url to a Craigslist posting warning people about me and my business.

The Indian has used the following phone numbers to call me today…


I sent Craigslist the following responses and for now the posting has been removed.

I am a seven year member if the Craigsli­st tberapeutics….I am also a published ­author and a blogger. Recently I have rec­eived death threats from an indian man…­..this man has sent me a litany of threat­s via text today. Moments ago he posted a­n ad on Craigslist and sent me a link…

Sent from Mail.Ru app for Android­

I would appreciate your response to this ­garbage. Bullets have been placed in my c­ar and my husbands by this man. I would a­ppreciate any info you can direct to me f­or a police report.

I understand that this is a world of fre­e speech, however before we accuse people­ if crimes and post it to damage them we ­need to qualify our actions so.

Nena Razmata­
703 4072196­
My Marvelous Massage­

And this was their response


It sounds like this may be a matter for ­law enforcement.

Law enforcement officers can request CL ­information here:



There is now the issue of bullets in my car and bullets in my ex husband’s car. The fact that I have been abused for 24 hours a day for 6 years I side and outside of my home is a larger legal issue the world has yet to encounter…but someday will with poor results for israel.

This issue is sort of similar to another that has occurred in the last 72 hours in the United states. A gorilla was shot and killed in a zoo to save the life of a 4 year old chdren who fell into the enclosure. CNN has run multiple updates of which none address the truth. Today the article stated that the family had received eived death threats and that the public at large feels that the family should face litigation.

One has to wonder how a small child under the height of 30 inches managed to climb over gourd rails or whatever support system the zoo had in place to secure a wild animal. The article addressed everything but the legalities of a zoo towards its patrons…and who and or what tests the safety of an enclosure for a zoo to get its licence to operate.

This country has become a free for all where I migrants without legal documents can threaten, injure, torture, damage, and enter secure systems that can endanger this planet. Has israel finally lost its tiny mind. I guess they have. Fuck them.

Have journalists now stooped to the level of criminals only writing articles that will fill a space so an advertiser will pay money to sell shoes. I guess this is the type of system management a jew provides…it’s called the news.

Israel says that it will do nothing to bring india to justice because I have held them accountable. If I free them then they will help if not they will simply sit and watch. They refer to themselves as old fashion fame who resisted who only stand up if there is something in it for them. They laugh at me and say go and share the truth with the world if you can….when they surge towards you for attention, devotion or out of hatred accusing you of being the fake virgin Mary then you too will have attained your 15 minutes of fame.

It appears that Israel places a hit on a human and then tries to extort them to play the role of an officer of the law.

Memorial day weekend 2016

The voices continue with things Noone cares about. I broke a tooth and he laughed at me and abused me and I guessed derived some satisfaction only a jew can muster from damaging others. I had another one of those bizarre dreams this time configured to include Jim Weiler and I woke up with the usual response that now they want to juxtapose us….it cannot work because I know the program and the game too well to give a damn and I am not intetested in hurting others. I am sad to see Jim’s son involved in a custody battle at the same age that mine was….divorce has consumed this nation and it’s children.

Even today I am in shock that these creatures call themselves human. I keep thinking that there will be a day that I wake up and the events of that day will seem normal….but the revulsion persists. Yes I met an alien and I have lived to tell the tale. Someday people will understand that the things that pain them on this earth are constructs made by others that they have been taught to accept as normal routine events related to living. They are in the inside of a Jewish jar looking out and I am on the outside looking into a space I once occupied. At this point the pain of being outside is equally bad as being inside only that I know something they don’t or cannot yet voice. Sometimes I feel awkward telling people the truth but I believe enough damage has been done to enough people to warrant action.

The right decision was made to kill them all and someday the victims will thank Hitler somewhere else.the next time it’s a beautiful day and you smile feeling a breeze and see the green of the leaves surrounding you, understand that there are a few things that a jew has not yet learned how to torture and kill.

Someday the twelve and the two will gather together again elsewhere and access the damage from this gathering. Inspite of age and suffering which we all are going through at this time trying to understand why our world simply does not function in a way that’s required so that humans can live their lives…function being a set of rules instigated by those living an occupying a land.

The Jews laugh that a hidden technology aimed at another species shattered their lives….but I say that unlike the Jews even our shards that remain have the ability to look at the splinters of what was once a life and realize that we were once whole and then we will turn and face you and rip you from this universe.

I wonder how many times I have been victimized on Memorial day weekend and then I realize that Jews must celebrate when we honor those who have fallen…our dead make them smile. Today they complained that inspite of my pain I said nothing….there was no rebuttal….it’s moments like this that you can really feel the division of two worlds, that fine line where one side meets the other in an I’ll fitting that signifies how different they are and how they will never meld. In our world communication has a value….they too are able to use our words and sounds without ever attaining the core value or meaning….two human like creatures face each other in hatred knowing that one if them will be destroyed.these are lessons that are not taught in high school or college.

My horror ever day has become my reminder and companion that I am a human….the day that I stop feeling and accept what Jews have forced upon us I will be an animal. Validation is the key to handling abuse with grace….which is why Jews hid the truth so they could watch humanity reel in horror. I just sit here and stare at them knowing that they cannot devalue me….and they are uncomfortable with my stance because screaming fleeing cursing humans help them rationalize the genocide that is hidden in front of us.

They are now talking amongst themselves that this is why they encourage Jews to coagulate….form groups…separate themselves from others….place their children in schools for Jewish children so none of them will feel the residual pain brought into others around them at the hands of the lunatics who operate the machines.

Dear Jim……….

The goal of this letter is not to regurgitate my entire website….it is there, it is available and if you need and have the interest you will find what you are seeking.

I had no idea your connection to my situation until I validated it on my own. I was given several clues by israel when these events began 6 years ago…

….That a man that I loved and lost was once Henry Viii
….That I was Mary Magdalene
….That my father was once Constantine the Great.

I have spent 6 years searching and sifting through history and I have a better, more complete version with archeological backing to give to humanity. This was not Israel’s original intention. Their intention in this lifetime was to validate our presence , our meaning and our value to the original story as well as determining our present course of life. They use methods using technology so horrific that the world will reel. This technology did not originate here but came to this planet when humans arrived here long ago.

Ghosts do not exist….the paranormal world is bullshit… it was created to keep us busy, keep us guessing and divert attention from how and what israel does with technology. Simply put we all live inside if an aquarium with background paper provided by Israel.

When I recognized your painted icons, I knew it was you right away….I was shocked and surprised as all of this has been an ideal. But suddenly I realized how capable they are of creating entire situations to bring people together so they can observe them….it’s pretty scary when you look at the details as I have had a chance to do.

I had to make a decision to tell you what I know realizing you could ignore me in laugh at the entire suggestion. However I realized that you and Renata had been put through all the preliminary foot work to drag you into a situation…and I can tell by what I was told when I called piedmont looking for you that you are neck deep in someone else’s game and don’t realize it.

When my husband and I were kids we often joked about the whole Christian phenomena, his father was a Baptist minister as we’re many members of his family. We always wonder where is God, is there a god, does God pay attention, and how and when will god return turn.

Will god take a cab, a grey hound bus, a plane, a magic carpet ride. Who’s door will god nock on and will anyone care. The most important lesson I have learned is that the truth is literally impossible to give away unless you are one of those already being pushed around by israel to see if you can figure it out.

There is no one god….israel will agree with me that several species walk this earth, some peacefully some not, some willing to share some not. They are a deadly adversary. We are all the ancient aliens…the big bad bitch is them. I come from a political family so I pay closers attention to world politics and understand it better than most.

I can trace my life on this planet based on history and archeology 40 times. Israel had an intetest in me not only because I was an icon for Western religion but because I have always been a ruler accept in this lifetime and my resume is rather intetesting.

At the heart of the story of humanity is the truth….a truth with held by israel because it made humans subjugated to them and placed in their control. They at eye level are no more or less than we are as creatures…the issue as always is the technology which only a handful know about and understand.

The technology is called arc technology and nothing on our planet comes close to its abilities…I have written about it at length on my website. This is a tool so powerful it can kill someone next door to you while you enjoy life. 10 percent of this planet is suffering…..Inn fear, taking medication for depression, poor self esteem and schizophtenia a disease that does not exist which israel has created an alibi for.

What I cannot do in a letter I desire to do in person. I will sit down and explain this like a human, answer your questions and insure that you know what I know….I cannot do it in a letter. I will show you the items that are not on my website…..as they say the proof is in the pudding.

The book must be written and will be written…nine of them. I am the person who once wrote the bible. I cannot with hold the truth for you or anyone else but I have decided that the books profits will be shared by the living members of the original twelve. Your name will not be published unless you want it to be but the world will know what has occurred here. I have no expectation for anyone to grasp any of this unless they have been an active victim….this is the power of suppression and conditioning on this planet.

I am a parent as you are…none of us including our children will ever lead normal lives so it’s important to understand the facts of why certain things keep on reassuring in your life and placing you and your future on hold.

The last item on my list is letting you know that searching history taught me things that science dies not know or will not acknowledge….our races does not mate randomly… my husband has been my husband 40 times that I can count. Our families and our lives are a permanent fixture. My son has always been my son and will always be my son. The life on this planet has been reduced to shambles to bring us to our knees. Israel believes that the most powerful tool of destruction is the tool of dismantling a family from its roots.

The mother of your son has been just that more times than anyone can count. Every member of the twelve apostles has been through a divorce accept one. You do not u Der stand how technology can bring you and your spouse into confrontation…..I will teach you that. In the meantime curtail your anger at her because they will not only use it again st you but your child. I will never say another word about this issue because it is your private domain. All I am saying is that I know something you don’t know….until you know it tread very carefully in your life.

If you wish to hear what I have to say you know where to reach me. My website is there….if you have questions you can call me or write to me….otherwise you will not hear from me again until an attorney tells you how to access what funds may one day be available as a result of the book sales.

Nena Razmata

Feelings,, impressions and reputations….

You are a product that continues to develope through space and time because it’s existence is useful to its creator and to itself. You are at your most productive state when you feel your best. Your best includes physical health, mental stability, productivity and good communications with your peers. When you are at your best you feel attractive because you are attractive like a magnet to your own kind for more than just procreation purposes. We need to teach ourselves how to be attractive because currently in this planet the game plan is conquer and divide…placing peoe against people until they too become the lowest common denominator. When you are involved in conflict no matter how large the scale it will eventually find you. A simple political discussion can lead to abrasive reactions that can cost friendships. Even in marriage you are not protected from conflict and that is what the enemy wants. The quickest fastest way to sweep up and mop up your enemy is to destroy families and render them financially obsolete and they will then fall prey to all manners of things.

Although life in all of its incarnations suffers from routine repetition there is plenty of room for adjustment, referenced evaluation and improvement. Repetition is a force of learning and I’m bedding a new ideas in your own language files. Like a snail with an outer shell we are reinforcing our doctrine, our ideas and we are looking at how others view us so we can better prepare ourselves. Some of us are better advertisers and propaganda machines than others simply because we have done it before. My footnotes are all over human history and I am there to teach, lead and move my people away from harm into better understanding.

I have had a few prior attempts at correcting israel that have been so so. When I was Hypatia….they burned down the library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt and put communication at point zero. As Mary Magdalene who’s son was the rightful heir to the throne of israel they chased us down and killed us. They laugh as they add that my book the bible was turned into clip art and handed back to Christians without content or value. This round will be different. I talk to israel all day long…Obama does not.

My Facebook page is a power tool for israel. On my Facebook is one past American president, one Egyptian Pharoah, one Babylonians Emperor and a few more. We are the hub of power even though you don’t know this and may not feel this. Atleast one of you has been given a powerful validation. So whether you are in Vegas entertaining crowds or in Kenya helping the needy you understand education, self control, financial power and social interaction and giving back to others.

Whatever it is that we are is a compilation that is constantly being tweaked but which has formed itself initially based on some event that left a massive imprint large enough to be that invisible asteroid hit that became you and me. I don’t think an asteroid ever hit the earth but like all the other garbage that we have been told it has become an accepted answer. Whatever propelled Mary Magdalene is clearly evident here in this lifetime again and the outcome probably won’t be much different in terms of public anger and reaction to what they are about to learn.

Physically I am not any different than others of my species….I own the basic equipment required for living. So this accumulation of millions of years of hands on living is kept and projected from a container that cannot be seen or felt. We are simply it’s externally projection screen.

Pakistan says….you can beat wives lightly…


Every day in parts of the world humanity takes a step back in time. Today Pakistan has lowered itself to the height of its neighbor india. I try to imagine a room filled with smelly men wearing turbans and sporting dirty toenails as they meander through the daily agenda. Somewhere on that list, due to be addressed is how a man can or should force a woman into a sex act because he after all is the husband.

In the west we laugh merrily at these smelly humans and their broken pencils in need of sharpening. We try to imagine how long they sat in that room…how long they deliberated…..who gave witness…..did they use crash dummies….and how many ate dinner that evening.

I live with this garbage as a voice hearer all day long…..these are the broken crayons who keep me company all day long….so I need not waste energy on thinking about them trying to think about thoughts. My recommendation to these smelly creatures is that in the west there are catalogs for you to order plastic vaginas in different shades, dirty will work for you. If you cannot read and write or have access to the Internet look in your local Pasture for something on four legs….there you will find a willing ….well unwilling partner.

These idiots better make sure that they publish a manual that can be distributed at every marriage ceremony so the perspective wives understand what a light beating might be. They need to make sure they hire a good attorney for when their wives enter a trauma facility with head injuries. Literally you have to wonder about the need for a country to exist that cannot understand the power and damage incurred to their political aspirations based on this stupidity. Overnight Pakistan became a zero.